11 Secrets to Health and Happiness Success

It was a 15 hour journey on Monday, door to door, from my hotel in Prague to the front door of the Ballantyne family farm in Stratford, Ontario.

I was lucky. The journey was smooth with no delays. There was a delicious airplane meal (yes, I said delicious airplane food!) of salmon, a salad, and grilled red snapper. I then slept 5 hours on the Air Canada flight and woke up just in time to land in Toronto at 7pm. There were even two brisk walks in my travels, one through the Frankfurt Airport and other from the Toronto airport to the rental car location (I don’t own a car).

After a 90 minute drive home (into a beautiful late summer sunset), I was greeted by an enthusiastic, mile-a-minute-tail-wagging Bally the Dog. He helped me unpack for an hour and then I dozed off for another 5 hours. I woke up fresh, with no jet lag, at 4am on Tuesday and now I’m back on track and working on new workout projects for you.

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While I was on my flight from Prague to Frankfurt, I thought of 11 secrets that will allow your days to go as smoothly as mine, even when you are traveling halfway across the world.

11 Tips for Fat Loss Success

These tips will help you avoid missed workouts, low-energy, and slow results.

1) Create Rules for Your Life
Don’t rely on inspiration or energy to stick to your program…you must plan & prepare to get your workouts done & to stick to your nutrition each day.

Click here to read my Rules for Living

2) Sleep in Your (fresh) Workout Clothes
Sure it’s not very sexy, but you that way you will be less likely to skip your morning workout. Do everything you can to make Good Habits automatic.

3) Have TWO Solutions for Every Obstacle in Life
If you know that you have a very busy day and will find it hard to fit in a regular 30-minute workout, then make sure you have one of my

4-Minute workout videos prepared for use first thing in the morning.
Or if you know your day is packed with meetings and restaurant meals, plan your snacks in advance and check out the restaurant’s menu online so you know what to order.

4) Use Cut-Off Times

My clients love using Cut-Off Times to help them avoid night eating and to get to bed on time. This comes from the Rules you put in your life. Make a Rule that you NEVER eat after 8pm. This will help you avoid late-night snacking in front of the TV. Add another rule that you always go to bed by 10pm on weeknights and that you get 7-8 hours of sleep. Once you set these Rules in your mind, you’ll make the right decisions Automatic. That’s key!

5) Disconnect & Remove Electronics

Stop using all electronics an hour before bed. Research shows that electronic screens can interfere with a good night’s sleep. So cut off your email, iphone, and lap top use an hour before bed. You should also keep your phone and electronics OUT of the bedroom. If you use your phone as an alarm, set it across the room.

6) Try 1 New Exercise Per Week

That’s easy when you have this workout program.

7) Try 1 New Healthy Fat Burning Food per Week

If you need healthy fat burning food ideas, read this.

8) Gratitude
Writing down what you are grateful for is proven to help reduce stress. Make a list of the great friends you have in life, of the little things that went right for you today, and about the big achievements you made. If you need help, get a copy of my Gratitude Journal here. It has changed my life for the better.

9) Breathing
Spend at least a minute, and preferably five minutes or more each day, in deep breathing. I do this every day for 20 minutes in a classic sitting meditation session. I’ve been doing this every day since January 28th, 2013. It’s helped me improve my patience (a personal weakness!) and has dramatically reduced my stress. Start with 6 deep breaths in a minute, taking 4 seconds to inhale and 6 seconds to exhale. You’ll feel so much better. Do this any time you get stressed, or as a great way to start – or end – the day.

10) Connect & Play Up a Level
Research shows that connecting with other successful people will make you more successful at anything in life.
If you want to lose fat, hang around other people that exercise, eat right, and are losing fat themselves.
If you want to a better person, hang around good, positive people.
If you want to make more money, hang around value-adding business owners that have happy customers.
Success in life is powered by the positive people that you know!

11) Eliminate Junk From Your Life
Get rid of clutter from your mind and manor. Toss the negative thoughts. Avoid the negative people. Get rid of stuff you don’t use that is piling up in your garage. The less negative stuff you have (in your mind and in your house), the happier and healthier you will be.
(I have another article on Exercise Elimination coming soon! I’ll show you how to get more results in less time when you cut the clutter from workouts.)

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Have an amazing day,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – I have a new set of photos coming soon…

…this time from Rome…where I show you how to eat right for fat loss even when you’re in the Eternal City. It’s easy to eat well (both healthy and delicious) when you are traveling ANYWHERE in the world. I know, because that’s what I do. Stay tuned. Until then, enjoy these from Prague…a beautiful city.


In the top left you’ll see the weird Technogym equipment found in the hotel gym…(I really dislike the Technogym brand)…and then you’ll see the Canadian flag flying right under my hotel room window…and then a photo of my hotel room where I did a bodyweight workout challenge on Sunday morning…

…then in the top right, a photo of painters working on their canvasses from a great view overlooking Prague with the Castle in the

background. It’s a scene from a fairy tale, no?

Great times!

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