How to Write 1000 Word Articles Fast

I write my best articles at odd times and I almost always get the ideas for my best articles in odder situations.

For example, when I travel to the west coast I try and get up on east coast time. That meant Saturday morning I woke up at 4am (even though I fell sleep at 11pm). But 4am is still 7am back home, so that was like sleeping in for me.

Over the next 3 hours I finished three newsletters (averaging 1500 words each), plus an email for my affiliates, Tuesday’s Internet Independence email, and this email.

My morning time is my magic time for writing, and if you want to write fast, you have to identify this in your life

That said, if want to be a content creator, you need to learn how to create content in any environment, at any time.

On Saturday morning I could have used the excuse that “I was in a hotel and I can’t get any work done there.”

Or I could suck it up, get prepared on Friday night so I was ready to write on Saturday morning, and get it done.

So that’s what I did.

But as I mentioned, I often get my ideas in strange places.

Most often, the ideas strike me while:

1) Lifting weights (especially if I’ve had a lot of caffeine before the workout)
2) While walking the dog
3) While in the shower

The common characteristic among those three locations is obvious. It’s simply by not being at your desk sitting in front of your computer that you’ll come up with your most creative ideas. It’s research proven.

So the next time you exercise or take a shower, be sure to have a pen or recorder handy to write down your ideas – because if you don’t, they’ll disappear – and that can be really frustrating.

Now if writing doesn’t come easy to you, here are the instructions I shared with a friend of mine who needed help writing 1000 word articles on a single topic.

Step 1) First, brainstorm your idea.

Step 2) Take your bullet point list and just choose one thing to write about.

Step 3) Start creating an outline…because there’s nothing more difficult when it comes to writing then trying to create content from a blank screen. Simply writing in the outline will make your task much easier.

Step 4) Open your article with a story about the main point…but don’t reveal the moral of the story.

The story alone could take up to 1/5th of the article.

Step 4) Explain the problem you (or the ‘main character’) experienced in the story and how this connects with the reader. Is it an analogy? Or is it obvious?
Don’t assume the reader understands the connection…make it clear.

Step 5) Offer the solution to the problem experienced in the story…and how the solution will help the reader.

Step 6) Give instructions on solving the problem, if necessary.

Step 7) Sum it up. Again, don’t assume that all the connections are made.

That’s how to create content fast…

…the biggest thing is to just take a deep breath, and remember, this is your mission and your passion. So let the stories flow. Find your best time to write, the best environment to stimulate ideas, and go for it.


But WAIT, there’s more.

There might be an even better idea…

And I’ll bring that to you later this week.

Until then, create some content.

Start now,

Craig Ballantyne

Take 3 hours and plan out your next 3 months. It might be hard, but also liberating, and each time you do it you will get better at it.