100% Commissions

This is a well known secret of top Internet Marketers.

Giving away more money now makes YOU more money in the long run.

That’s why it is good to give 100% affiliate commissions sometimes.

Recently, one of my Publishing Partners, Shawna Kaminski had a huge launch of a $9 product. It generated over 1000 sales, but she had a couple of questions about giving away 100% commission to affiliates.

I gave her some advice that is worthwhile passing along to y’all.

PS – Make sure you understand the $40 an hour task comment I make. Let it sink in. If you don’t get it, let me know on FB here – www.SuccessQnA.com

Braigz CallEntyne would agree with me, I’m sure. – Craig

Q: Should I give affiliates 100% commission?


Yes, you can give affiliates 100%. But it’s a bargaining tool. It’s not the first thing you say from Day 1 to ALL affiliates.

You save it for when you need to throw that in. For example, saying to a bigger affiliate that said they would just email once or twice: “I’ll give you 100% commission if you send 4 emails over 2 days (with two on the deadline day).

It’s not necessary to give it to all affiliates. Most affiliates already owe you their left arm because of all the help and support you’ve offered over the years. They should be more than happy to mail for you at 75% commission.

So again, it’s just a bargaining chip in your negotiation … if an affiliate says, “no thanks”, then bring out the offer of 100% commission.

If they say no to that, offer them 100% on EVERYTHING (that means all upsell flows).

I’ve done this with my biggest affiliates before.

Essentially, when a big affiliate promotes you, giving them 100% commission encourages them to “give you more of their customer list”.

They make better-than-average money for a promo and you get customers.

Fair trade.

(I’ve even given 100% plus $1 for each sale before…basically buying customers for a buck. I’ll still do that deal all day with the right person IF that incentive is needed.)

You must offer whatever incentives you need in order to get people to take action.

For Big Affiliate #1 that asked about this, offer him 100%…and also tell him he can get a higher price point if he wants (do the same for him as you are for Big Affiliate #2).

Flat out say to your big affiliates:

“Listen, just tell me what you want and I’ll make it work. I want this to be worth it for YOU. That’s ALL that matters here.”

Q: Should I use the 100% commission approach for my upcoming Burpee challenge program?


Use the 100% options like bullets in a gun.

Sometimes people just need to hear a rumor that you have a gun in order to play by your rules.

Sometimes they need to see the gun.

And sometimes they need to get shot.

But no need to go around waving your gun in the air if you don’t have to.

Q: Not related to the promo, but I’m getting really frustrated trying to figure out all of the tricks about YouTube. Help?


You should not be doing the YouTube tech stuff yourself. This is an assistant’s job. Or pay your children or one of their responsible friends. It’s an $8 an hour task.

You do not do $8 an hour work.

You can’t even be doing $40 an hour work (because if you did 40 hours a week of $40 an hour work, you’d still only be making $80K a year and that’s not good enough for this group).

Brian Kalakay has already figured out YouTube, and he put everything your assistant needs to know into a word document that you can give them.

The rest is just manual labor below your pay scale.

You do not need to figure out anything more about YouTube.

You need to figure out how to tell someone to figure out YouTube.

That’s much easier. Trust me, I do this all the time without breaking a sweat.

Push on with your promos,

Craig Ballantyne

“No one can stop you from achieving what it is you want in life. You do know that, right?” – Bedros Keuilian