10-minute Friday Fat Burner workout (print this out)

I haven’t felt that bad since a college frat party. Porsche kicked the daylights out of me on Saturday afternoon. You’ll find out why, along with the BEST “eating out” plan, and an AMAZING fat burning workout (to print out) in today’s fun Friday update.

Let’s start with a little tour… Here you get to see the gym the Porsche racecar drivers use to get strong and build stamina. It’s a nice little set up with a TRX, kettlebells, squat rack, and a neat Reaction Time game hidden in the back.

2015 10 30 tt a    2015 10 30 tt b
Toys!                                                   And more toys!

Things started well in the morning. We raced Cayenne Turbos, Boxsters, 911’s, and a Panamera (surprisingly fun).

But after lunch it went downhill. The G-Forces caught up to me and I had a bad case of motion sickness. By 2pm it felt like I had just woken up after a raging “Old School” (the movie) style keg party. I’m really trying to hold it together in this photo, haha.

2015 10 30 tt c
I have a pounding headache and I’m ready to vomit!

Sorry for the visual, but it’s true. I look as pale as Casper the Ghost. This lasted for 9 hours, even after a nap and refreshing dinner at the famous Kevin Rathbun steak in Atlanta. The more I ate at dinner, the better I felt, and I followed my…

4 Rules for Dining Out Every Weekend Without Gaining Weight

  1. Start with a big green salad. Ask for it without cheese and the dressing on the side. On Saturday I had a delicious apple & kale salad at lunch and beet salad at dinner.
  2. For your main course, order a small filet mignon, or a piece of chicken or salmon, also without sauce or butter.
  3. Enjoy a big serving of steamed vegetables. If you’re at a steakhouse, vegetables are often served “family style,” and I won’t hesitate to eat an entire side of spinach or broccoli myself. I also ask for a small container of olive oil to pour on the greens.
  4. Now comes the fun part… Enjoy ONE serving from the “Pick Your Poison” food group. This means you get to choose from one drink (wine, etc.), one piece of bread, or one serving of dessert (eating an entire “peanut butter chocolate challenge” dessert is not acceptable, of course!
Follow those four rules and you’ll be satisfied. You’ll be social. You’ll be a weight loss winner. Or you can stay home and save money and use Chef Gui’s Best. Steak. Ever. recipe from Eat More, Burn More. Get his free cookbook here.

Alright, now we’ve driven in style, and ate a great meal, let’s give you an intense 10-Minute Friday Fat Burner. I did this workout last week and knew immediately that I had created another legendary TT workout.

Here’s the advanced version… and below that is a beginner bodyweight alternative.

The 10-Minute Friday Fat Burner

1A) Goblet Squats
1B) Kettlebell Swings
1C) SlamBall Slams or Ab Wheel Rollout

– Do 15 reps of each exercise
– No rest between exercises
– Do 3 rounds
– Rest 1 minute between rounds

Don’t have the fitness level or equipment for that? Here’s a bodyweight version.

The 10-Minute Bodyweight Friday Fat Burner

1A) Prisoner Squats – 30 seconds
1B) Total Body Extension – 30 seconds
1C) Plank – 60 seconds

– No rest between exercises
– Do 3 rounds
– Rest 1 minute between rounds


Like that bodyweight workout?

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Oh, and watch your email tomorrow morning for the 5 most important CANDY swaps to make this weekend after the Trick-or-Treating is over.

Have an amazing Halloween weekend,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer


PS – Things to think about…

Look at a mistake you made this week. But don’t regret it. Instead, learn from it. Observe it objectively. Ask yourself, “How could I have acted better? What will I do next time this happens?” Learn the lesson, change your habits, update your internal operations system, and become better. Defeat is now victory.

And you know that thing you’re arguing about with someone? Is there any chance that you’re wrong? Have you thought about the situation from their point of view? Have you looked at your argument from the position of a rational outsider with no ego to protect? Try it