10-Minute Anti-Aging Exercise Routine

When Erin walked in the room, I guessed her age to be 27. Maybe 29. Definitely not 30. No way. She looked like she was fresh out of college, even though I knew she was an established Physiotherapist.

Over the next 3 days, at one of my seminars for health experts, I got to know her pretty well. But still not well enough where I was comfortable asking her age.

Three months later she sent me a weird email.

“Craig, my 16 year old daughter loved your latest newsletter. It really inspired her!”

Wait, what? Sixteen year old daughter? I did the math. Then I had Bally do the math. Then I had a border collie do the math. (Collies are much smarter than chocolate labs – although less goofy.)

I still didn’t have the courage to ask her age. Fortunately my good friend Bedros has no “filter,” and at our next seminar he blurted out, “Erin, how old are you?”


No way. I could not believe that Erin was in her 30’s, let alone her 40’s. She looks amazing and has a glow that a young Cindy Crawford would envy.

So what’s her secret?

The same as mine => short, burst exercises.

Now it’s research proven, too. According to one of my old College professors, Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, regular short, burst exercises SLOWS the aging process. And for best results, you need to combine intervals and resistance exercise.

For example, here’s a quick “10 Years Younger 10-Minute Training Session” that Erin and I created…

10-Minute 10 Years Younger Training

1A) Jumping Jacks
1B) Mountain Climbers
1C) Total Body Extensions
1D) Close-Grip Pushups
1E) Prisoner Reverse Lunges (alternating sides)
– Do each exercise for 30 seconds.
– Go through the circuit 4x’s with no rest between exercises.

But wait, there’s more…

Erin recommends a few other secrets to help you look and feel younger today.

First, you need a positive social support network. That means reading my emails, commenting on my Facebook page, or getting coaching from Erin. The secret is to connect with people that have your best interests in mind.

Second, Erin’s anti-aging meal plan contains Super-Nutrients that “perk up your complexion, according to a study in the scientific journal PLOS One.” People that eat Super-Nutrients have “a healthier and more attractive skin tone.” Erin’s the best proof of that, although Bally follows the same plan, and he looks pretty good too, at least according to him. 🙂

Finally, Erin showed me the power of sleep on boosting “your skin’s natural repair mechanisms, so you look more radiant when you wake up.” I guess we can call Erin a real-life sleeping beauty.

And you can “guess” how old she looks too by checking out her website.

Get instant access to Erin’s Complete Anti-Aging System

Look and feel younger immediately,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer


PS – Turn defeat into victory!

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