How to Eat Healthy on the Road

The worst excuse for going off your diet is…

“I’m traveling.”

Big deal!

Just because you’ve left your zip code doesn’t mean you have a license to eat whatever you want at every meal.

For example, on Tuesday night we were stuck at the Atlanta airport in a bit of a travel nightmare.

We stumbled into TGIF’s…

Some of our gang decided to go way off their diet. “I’ve been eating great for 10 weeks,” one buddy said, “But I’m going to eat whatever I want tonight because I’ve traveling.”

And he did. And he washed down his cheesy dinner with 5 beers!

Here’s what I did instead of giving into the “I’m traveling” excuse…

I ordered a steak with a side of broccoli and spinach.

It was filling. It was pretty good for TGIF’s. It kept me going through our overnight flight from Atlanta to Rio.

Atl rio team copy
Here’s our gang pre-flight… and yes, we all wore “Family Vacation t-shirts”. Ha! And even when I’m traveling for work, I follow a plan to stay on track.The first thing I do, before going to the hotel, is to visit a grocery store.I also arrange in advance, when staying at a hotel, to have a mini-fridge in the room.Then I make sure that I stick to my breakfast and lunch routine, and enjoy dinners out, but making smart orders – and not overdoing it.

It’s really easy to do this anywhere in the world (from Lithuania to Brazil, where I am currently attending the Olympics with BioTrust owner, Joel Marion, and his family).

Olympic pool

Had a chance to see the legends – Phelps, Lochte, & Ledecky – and rising Canadian star, Penny Oleksiak, at Rio 2016…

There are no excuses if you really want to do it.


You have to draw the line somewhere. Otherwise, you can find an excuse to eat crap at any meal.

I’m traveling.

I’m tired.

I had a tough day.

It’s Tuesday.

It’s Friday.


But none of those are good excuses if you want to be healthy and happy.

Instead of eating poorly, you must…

  • Love your body, and I don’t just mean how it looks.
  • Love how it should feel when you feed it right…
  • Love how it gives you energy, rather than drags you down…
  • Love and support your body (with water, daily workouts, and wellness-minded nutrition)

That’s the right approach … at home or away.

YES, you can enjoy your holidays and special meals…

Yes, you can give yourself a treat when you deserve it…

But be respectful of your body.

Your gut is not a garbage disposal…

Your belly is not a dumpster for diet disasters…

Your body is your vessel for 80, 90, and hopefully 100 years of life…

Feed it real food, move it with natural movements, and give it the rest and recovery it needs (from the 21st-century temptations that big food companies have put in our way).

Stay strong, my friend! I’m here to support you.

Much love to you from the road to Rio,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Remember this special message this week…

When faced with hard times, we have a choice…we can keep going or we can quit.

But all tough times come to an end. If we quit, we only make it worse and learn nothing.

If we keep going, things might get worse at first, but you WILL be making progress.

Things WILL get better. The future WILL become brighter. It may be slow, but it WILL be sure. Stay strong. Push on.

Never give up on what is important to you. You WILL achieve your goals. You will win.

Craig Ballantyne

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