#1 Online Success Story

$175 million dollars.

Wow. That figure blows me away. Here’s what it means to us…

Since 2007 that’s the total amount of info and nutrition products sold by my coaching and Mastermind clients. $175 million!

And at every seminar I meet someone that could be the next online superstar. For example, there were 5 people that really impressed me last weekend at Joan@Keuilian.com Fitness Business Summit. I know they could be making 6-figures in 3 months, and 7-figures in 12-15 months.

But my #1 (future) online success story might be a friend of mine that I had lunch with on Saturday.

He’s a physician. He can help a LOT of people (he’s helped me with a couple of my own health related problems…and yes, even the ol’ Godfather doesn’t have a perfect body – ha!).

But there’s ONE big problem. He’s letting his Upper Limit Barrier (we ALL have this) stop him from success.

It’s getting in the way of his big breakthroughs.

It’s holding him down.

It’s keeping him treading water…when he should be sprinting ahead.

Here’s what I wrote to my Doctor friend after our meeting…and I want YOU to realize that this message just as much to YOU as it does him.

My Message to ALL of my Future #1 Clients

“Doc, I agree that you have a tremendous opportunity to build an online business around your passion.

You should join me at the Turbulence Training Summit in June. It is in San Diego. You’ll want to be there for all-day June 5th (see below for ‘1-day MM” info) and the regular summit on the 6th and 7th.

I also recommend that you attend our 1-day Mastermind that I do with my business partner, Bedros Keuilian.

We’ll have 10 attendees (all experts in their field) at a private, small group coaching session where Bedros and I teach people our biggest secrets about how to start an online business.

We also do hot seats and give you a 30-day complete blueprint plan specific to YOUR business so that you know exactly what you need to do to achieve fast results and success.

The 1-day Mastermind is $997. We don’t have a lot of spots left, but one way or another, we’ll fit you in. Please contact Joan@Keuilian.com as soon as possible to make arrangements to reserve your spot.

Plus, you’ll get FREE access to the TT Summit when you sign-up for the 1-day Mastermind. (This offer goes out to all Internet Independence readers, too!)

This “RESET” weekend will leave you ready to run-through-a-wall for success with an online business. You’ll be so pumped up after this positive weekend. It will be amazing. The 1-day Masterminds are always filled with great people. We were born to help.

Let me know if you have any questions! I look forward to coaching you to massive breakthroughs past your Upper Limit.

You deserve a great life, and you will have one soon.

But listen…

We all need the Man-Up call out.

And not just once.

More like every month…

…it is easy for people to go to amazing events – like the TT Summit, or Fitness Business Summit, or even one of our Mastermind sessions – and then get sucked back into ‘reality’ when you return home to your regular routines and challenges.

But I have faith in you…you’ve proven that you have what it takes. I’m really looking forward to what you achieve next.

I love your attitude…that you have realized that because you are not stepping up and helping others that it is HURTING others, rather than protecting you. It’s something we all need to be reminded with every choice that we make.

I love how you have committed to the Man-Up Challenge.

Having gone through so much personal development ourselves, you and I see how the path to success is not really that complex…sure, it’s not easy…but I’ll bet you could double the effectiveness, happiness, productivity and success of nearly every single person that you know, just by giving them a better guideline to living.

So it is our job to do that – when people come to us ready for change. And they get ready for change by reading our articles, watching our videos, taking our challenges, etc. And then boom, we give them the blueprint to change that transforms their lives. That is what this is ALL about.

Don’t hold back any longer. Take action now. Help the people that are hurting, I know you have it in you.

Whether you believe in fate or a higher power, we have been prepared – through our trials and tribulations – to be leaders of people lost in the woods, and it’s our job/role/duty to go into the woods of fear and desperation, find those folks, take off their blindfolds, grab them by the hand, lead them out of the darkness, and show them the way onto the path of success.

It’s just that simple.

Won’t you join me on this journey of success? Your time to lead has come, it’s here and now.

And yes, you’re doing a great job of it so far with your ‘real world’ business, but you’re doing it all your own and you could be helping more people.

Don’t let your Upper Limit Problem get in the way. You’ve got to breakthrough that and achieve your full potential.

The fastest way to do that is to MODEL other successful businesses, to network with positive people, and to get coaching from experts that have “been there, done that”.

You’ll get all of those when you attend our 1-day Mastermind on Thursday, June 5th, and when you stick around – as my guest – at the Turbulence Training Summit, June 6-7th in San Diego. Let me know if you can make it.

Talk soon. – C.

So there you go.

Another Man-Up Challenge to my friend, to you, and to me, too.

Don’t wait another day to start helping more people and creating the Internet Lifestyle of your dreams. Join me and Bedros at one of our small group coaching sessions and we’ll give you a complete blueprint for achieving your dreams. And…

You’ll get FREE access to the TT Summit when you sign-up for ANY of our upcoming 1-day Mastermind sessions. Just email Joan@keuilian.com to get set up.

Keep on pushing on,

Craig Ballantyne

“To get something you’ve never had, you must do something that you’ve never done.” – #truth