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1-minute workout (BS or truth?)

1999 was the best year of my life.

In my early 20’s, I was finishing my Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology at McMaster University, in Hamilton, an hour drive from the big city of Toronto.

Each morning I’d take subjects through muscle-building workouts for a big research study we were doing on a MuscleTech nutrition supplement. After that I’d train clients before heading up to the lab.

At night my buddies and I would hangout at the college bar, or I’d join my girlfriend and her friends for a road trip into Toronto where they liked to hit the dance floor in the big city clubs.

The next day I’d do it all over again. What a life!

That’s also where I invented Turbulence Training (TT). And up until last year, I though TT would be the most ‘famous’ program to come out of McMaster University.

But recently my friend and McMaster researcher, Dr. Marty Gibala, has been featured in the New York Times. His interval training research is proving what I’ve been telling you here at TT:

Short, burst workouts are much better than long, slow, cardio.

His research has DESTROYED the “not enough time to exercise” excuse.

Dr. Gibala’s latest study compared three 20-second intervals (the “1-minute” workout) against 45 minutes of cardio. After 12 weeks, the 1-minute workout led to the same fitness improvements as the 45-minute workouts… but saved hours and hours of time.

“Our study shows that an interval-based approach can be more efficient — you can get health and fitness benefits comparable to the traditional approach, in less time,” he said. “Climbing a few flights of stairs on your lunch hour can provide a quick and effective workout. The health benefits are significant.”

Do you need to run a marathon to get fit? => No!
Do you need to do long cardio to lose weight? => No!
Do you need to slave for hours, pound your joints into dust, hurt your back, hips, or knees, or ever climb on one of those cardio machines again? => No!

The great news is that “cardio” is a myth.

In fact, I wrote a book about it.

Pre-order my NEW book: The Great Cardio Myth

When you do, I’ll give you a free workout…

I’ll wait…

Go get the book! ☺

Pre-order my NEW book: The Great Cardio Myth

Book cover

Thank you!

You’re going to love the free workouts in the book (that includes ol’ CB doing some fitness modeling, and my friend Missi Holt, CTT, joins me, too… but sorry, no pictures of Bally, ha!).

Once again, thank you.

Now here are a few 1-minute interval options that you can use without a single piece of equipment to boost your fitness, lower your blood sugar, and increase your muscle endurance so that you can…

  • Have an easier time carrying the groceries
  • Have more energy for your kids and grandkids
  • And, *ahem*, have more stamina to “keep up with your spouse in your late night activities” (or your afternoon delights!).  Winky, wink!

The 1-Minute Interval Club Workouts

On busy days when you have “no time”, simply do one of these 1-minute workouts to give yourself a fitness, mood, and metabolism boost.

1) Total Body Extensions – Max reps in 60 seconds

2) Jumping Jacks – 60 seconds

3) Burpees – 60 seconds

4) Pushup “Drop Set”

  • Do as many Close-Grip pushups as you can (shoulder-width hand position).
  • Rest 5 seconds.
  • Then do as many regular pushups as you can (slightly wider hand position).
  • Rest 5 seconds.
  • Then do as many kneeling pushups as you can.

But wait, there’s more!

The 4-Minute Metabolism Booster Workout

  • Do each exercise for 60 seconds with NO rest between exercises.
  • If you want to do more than one round, rest 2-minutes between circuits.
  • Do no more than 3 rounds of the circuit (that’ll take you almost 20 minutes).

1A) Total Body Extensions – Max reps in 60 seconds
1B) Jumping Jacks – 60 seconds
1C) Burpees – 60 seconds
1D) Pushup “Drop Set”  (see above for instructions)

Good times!

It’s as if we’re partying like it’s 1999 again! (RIP, Prince)

Hope you had fun with that one.

Now go get yourself a copy of my new Cardio Myth book here

Book cover

And share the TRUTH about cardio with all of your friends and the trainers at your gym and all those folks that waste their time with long workouts.

Give them the FREEDOM of short, burst workouts!

Taking care of every single minute of your day,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Here’s another way to the make the MOST out of your limited time…

Get up 15 minutes before anyone else in your house so you can work on your #1 priority in life and make massive progress towards your big goals and dreams. Do NOT procrastinate. Do NOT get distracted. Do NOT let anything stand in your way.

Success starts with planning & prepping the night before. Plan tonight to win tomorrow and own your life.