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#1 Meeting To Have In Your Business

This meeting will make you a lot of money.


Because the entire meeting is all about making money!

So many businesses get caught up in the day to day activity that they forget the goal of the business is to sell products and services.

This meeting will get you back on track fast.

(If there was a 2nd most important meeting to add into your business, it would be a meeting that Bedros and I are having down in Miami today…it’s another 1-Day Mastermind followed by our regular three-day mastermind with our 45 top coaching clients. It’s going to be a blast!)

But back to the “meeting of the minds about money”.

We started doing this at Early To Rise back in September. Once per week Jeff Schneider, our COO, and I get on the phone for an hour to discuss our marketing calendar.

It’s called the “Driving Revuene” meeting.

All we do is talk about making money.

The reason we implemented this is because we noticed we were stuck, getting sidetracked, and even regressing in some aspects of our business.

Since implementing this meeting, our revenue has increased 4-6 times. A new energy is felt amongst the team. It’s been extremely helpful.

Here’s how a current agenda looks for the 45-minute meeting:

1) Sales Stats Review of Our ETR & TT Products

  •     Promotion Results (from affiliates, paid ads, Facebook, & email)
  •     Split test data
  •     Affiliates to contact

2) ETR Promo Calendar Review of Last Week’s Results

  •     We review opens, clicks, EPC, and total earnings.
  •     We identify winners and losers.

3) ETR Upcoming 14-Day Calendar

  • We go over what offers are coming up…how to improve, etc.

4) 30-day Review

  •     We go over what offers are coming up…how to improve, etc.

5) 90-day Review

We go over what offers are coming up…how to improve, etc.

6) New Partners/Affiliates/Team Member Recruitment

  •     We discuss who we are looking for, connections to make, etc.


  •     Covers new product ideas
  •     Review of opportunities, holes to fill, etc.
  •     Discussion of seminars/meetings to attend, connections to make
  •     Final discussion of money matters

The Driving Revenue meeting gets the team focused on making money by delivering value to our readers and creating new offers for customers.

Focus is the key.
Add this meeting to your business and watch profits soar,

Craig Ballantyne

“By focusing more on becoming an accomplished Marketer of products and/or services, you massively increase your potential for wealth and success.” – Dan Kennedy