#1 Key to Success

What is the #1 key to success?

For me, it has been having a coach/mentor.

When I hired Tom Venuto back in 2006, my business boomed exponentially.

This is essentially the same #1 factor for all of my friends.

But then I realized something. Even the best coach doesn’t have a 100 percent success rate.

Therefore having a mentor CANNOT be the #1 factor in success.

It’s not having a big idea either.

The truth is that all of my friends came with the #1 factor built-in to their minds. That’s why I had been overlooking it.

You see, the #1 factor for success is good ol’ perseverance.

The #1 factor in your success is YOUR decision to never, ever, ever give up on what is important to you, no matter how dark the days, how deep the dips, or the hell you are going through.

That’s the true #1 factor.

Here’s one of my virtual mentors, Dan Pena, with more politically incorrect TRUTH about success and perseverance. (Check out his interesting book, “Your First $100 Million”)

Success & Perseverance by Dan Pena

“Why do you allow year after year to go by with little or no change? The TRUTH is almost every year of your life has been the same due to:

1) All the trials and tribulations we all experience in life and allow them to direct our actions, hence we become reactionary;

2) No bodacious goals;

3) Choosing to stay in your (little) comfort zone (CZ);

4) Paralysis by analysis; and

5) The biggest of them all – lack of strength of commitment to do the necessary!
Or as I say:

“To do whatever it takes, as long as it is legal, moral, and ethical!”

At the end of the day, it’s the person that takes a positive position and takes action no matter what!” – Dan Pena

This man is intense. Look him up on Youtube.
Maybe some day I will attend his Guthrie Castle Seminar.


Craig Ballantyne
“Follow the Golden Rule, have gratitude for everything, add value to the world, and never give up. It’s a pretty easy formula for living well. Why do we make it so hard?” – Craig Ballantyne