Plank Challenge! 2 Minutes to Greater Focus and Tighter Abs

Ah, the plank. It’s a truly polarizing position — invoking dread or delight in those who engage in its many forms.

Whether you love it or hate it doesn’t truly matter. What does matter is why it’s such an effective tool for developing greater focus, mental toughness, and overall strength — physically and mentally.


Plank is a position requiring all hands on deck (pun totally intended): every muscle firing, alignment perfect, and breath steady.

The mind might be the most important factor when it comes to executing the perfect plank because it is so powerful in determining our actions and behaviors.

My lighthouse quote reminds me,

“As the mind, so the man. Bondage and liberation are in your own mind.”

When difficult situations arise, we ultimately have two decisions:

Face it or flee from it. 

Plank is no different. While holding Plank Pose all kinds of thoughts can emerge regarding your current state.

“I’m so weak…”
“I can’t do this…”
“My arms are shaking…”
“This sucks — I suck…”
“This hurts…”
“Just quit…”
“This is too hard…”

Sound familiar?

I wonder if any of those same thoughts arise when you’re struggling at work, or in a relationship, or feeling challenged with dietary choices?

We tend to allow our minds to run wild with all the reasons we don’t need to focus our energy on showing up, doing the work, or developing our weaknesses into strengths.

And I get it.

It’s easier to stay in the same place (even if you’re miserable) than it is to stretch out of your comfort zone. This is true for physical and mental growth.

But if you’re ready to let go of the wreckage that has kept you disconnected from the life you desire and if you’re ready to rewrite the stories that have blurred your vision of success in the past, then perhaps a little planking is in order.

Will you rise to my 2-minute Plank Challenge?

  • Will you face the physical and mental chatter that will taunt you to stop early?
  • Will you change your self-defeating, self-sabotaging language into positive encouragement that will sharpen your mental focus about how capable you really are?
  • Will you put in the work to see the physical fitness you crave?

I bet you will!

Click here to plank for 2 minutes right along side me — let’s sharpen our focus, empower our minds, and strengthen our bodies together!
How to Plank Perfectly:

  • Begin on your hands and knees with palms flat & fingers spread wide, fully connected to the earth. Allow no space to develop between your knuckle pads and the ground.
  • Shift your torso forward bringing shoulders over wrists and chest between hands (this is a common cue that I give when clients get tired — they tend to shift back)
  • Engage the core by exhaling to close the rib cage and press belly button to spine.
  • Lift the knees away from the floor without shifting your chest backward.
  • Tighten the quadriceps (front of thighs) so much that the legs straighten and you feel lifted.
  • Curl the tailbone down to lengthen the low back & draw low belly in (this is neutral pelvic alignment)
  • Lengthen from the hips in opposite directions: Crown of head reaches forward while heels press back
  • Gaze will remain steady targeted just above fingertips so that front and back of the neck are equal length