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The Simple Secret to My Success in Life


What’s my secret? Friends at home in Florida think that I have some sort of “Golden Touch.” They want to know my secret to repeatedly making great investment decisions. Usually, I just shrug off their Read More >>


What You NEED to Know to Be a Successful Investor


“Steve, I’m just trying to get all this stuff figured out,” my friend Charlie told me over the weekend. He’s just starting out in investing. “I’m paralyzed,” he said. “I don’t know what to do. Read More >>


The Real Secret to My Success


I’ve finally figured out the REAL secret to my success. It’s something I’ve unknowingly been doing my whole life. I know I should have figured it out earlier. I’m in my 40s now… Just imagine Read More >>


The Wealth Headache


“Steve, you’ve got to think of every one of these deals as buying another headache… Do you really want THIS PARTICULAR headache?” My friend Brad Thomason gave me that advice a few years ago, and Read More >>


Better Than Networking


“You’re so lucky Steve… you’ve gotten to meet and work with all these famous guys…” When I hear that, I usually say something like, “Yeah, it’s hard to believe… I have been pretty fortunate!” and Read More >>


The Biggest Lie: “It Takes Money to Make Money”


“Congrats Steve, you just made $100,000 today,” a lawyer said to me this week. I just bought a property, cheap. The lawyer thinks I could sell it for a six-figure profit right away. A friend Read More >>

The Simple Step to Get More Done


Recently I was out to dinner with a couple of the most successful guys I know – and they were giving me a hard time. They were ribbing me about what Porter Stansberry calls “the Read More >>

Live Your Life and Be Happy About It


“Nice to meet you… Hang on a sec… Let me text my husband.” My wife and I stood there waiting. The girl busily tapped out a text message on her new iPhone. She wasn’t so Read More >>

Wisdom About Wealth and Opportunity


The life story of Bob Mayer is titled Without Risk, There’s No Reward: Tales, trials and truisms from the amazing life of a pioneering southern California developer. I met Bob last week, while staying at Read More >>


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