3 Steps to Creating Your Vision

“The year is 2015…we have 25 publishing clients, spread over a dozen countries, each making a minimum of $250,000 in gross revenue per year…with some clients doing over $3 million gross revenue.  Our clients are like family, not only to us but also to each other…”

That’s the first paragraph of my vision for a new company. The full vision is below, and I only needed about 20 minutes to write it. I’ll show you how to do the same for your business in a few easy steps.

But first, I have to thank Ari Weinzweig for his article in the recent “Inc. Magazine” (page 85) that inspired this vision and blog post. Ari laid out 8 steps to creating your vision, but I cut it down by a few steps.

Why do you need a vision in the first place?

Because as Ari wrote, “You must have a vision before you start strategic planning.”

After all, you can’t give directions without a destination, right?

By creating a vision for your business, you create a destination. And not only that, but if you have a Vision AND Core Values, you have everything you need for an Employee Handbook in just 1-2 pages.

You really won’t need a 120-page binder full of lawyer-speak if you have a clear vision and a concise set of core values. These will help you make the right decisions, the important decisions.

Now don’t worry, it’s fairly easy to write a vision thanks to a big list of questions that Ari shared with in that article. And you don’t have to limit your vision-writing to just your business.

You can envision your family, a charity you run, or even how your slowpitch season to go. Apply visioning to anything you want. As Ari notes in that must-read article, it’s amazing how close reality will get to your vision if you stick to it.

But first, let’s go over the 3 steps for creating your vision.

Step #1 – Pick a time frame

It could be 1 year, 5 years, or 10 years, but Ari recommends 5.

Step #2 – Use the question below to help you write a first draft

Do NOT reject any ideas. Instead, come up with a Big Hairy Audacious Vision (a BHAV), and be as clear, concise, and specific as possible.

Ari also recommends that you write from the future, as though you had already achieved your vision (see my example below).

Step #3 Get feedback, re-write, and then share

Share your vision with those who will implement it — and then move on to the next step, which is the “how” of strategic planning that will lay the path for helping you reach that vision.

Sound fair enough?


Now here are those questions you’ll need to answer (remember to answer them from the point in the future when your vision has been reached):

What does your organization look like?
How big is your organization?
What is your organization famous for?
How do you measure success? (Be specific)
Why does anyone care about what you do?
What do you refuse to do?
How do people who work here feel about their jobs?
What is your Mission and Movement?
How do you, the founder, feel about the business?
What are the 3 most important things you offer your clients?
What’s your role in the business?
How do you find prospects?
What kind of people will you need to hire? (skills, attitudes)
What are everyday tasks?
What do employees, clients, community, and peers say about your biz?

Set aside 30 minutes when you are most creative, lock the door, avoid all distractions, and put it out there.

Here’s what I came up with last week for my new business:

Our Vision

The year is 2015…we have 25 publishing clients, spread over a dozen countries, each making a minimum of $250,000 in gross revenue per year…with some clients doing over $3 million gross revenue.

Our clients are like family, not only to us but also to each other. They act as one giant Mastermind, sharing ideas and resources, but rely on our business to Take Care of Business.

We meet as a giant Mastermind group once each year, and have 2 regional meetings once per year as well.

Our mission is to help 50 entrepreneurs achieve their American Dream of becoming self-made millionaires with their online business by helping them serve 1 million people by 2020.

Only 5 publishing clients are accepted each year, and in order to continue with our program, they must achieve $150,000 in gross revenue in their first 12 months.

Each one of our clients is going to be a superstar in their field, and that is one of the reasons they are chosen, plus that is how they are treated by our executive group and each one of our support staff and tech team.

Our business is first and foremost about making sure our superstar clients are given the resources they need to produce amazing products and services for their end user clients.

By serving our publishing clients this way, we ensure that they have extremely happy and satisfied fans.

As a unified front, our publishing company offers significantly greater opportunities through synergy than any one of our publishing clients could achieve on their own, even with personal coaching.

Being part of our publishing family offers our clients the opportunity to focus their efforts on their unique ability, rather than wasting precious time and effort on the technological hurdles that they hate.

Essentially, we allow our clients to be free from daily distractions so that they can devote their full time to content creation and progressing their Movement and Mission.

The job of my partners and myself is to be the “idea men” behind the marketing strategies and implementation to drive the business forward. We work with our team to implement the internet marketing tactics that drive traffic and lead to sales.

Again, all of this is done to keep our superstar clients free from the technological hassles and day-to-day marketing tasks that would otherwise consume their time and focus, and that causes most internet beginners to give up out of frustration.

We all focus on our unique abilities and strengths to create the synergy that builds everyone’s business faster than if anyone tried doing it on their own.

And through our connections of tech artists around the world, we are able to take their projects to the next level.

We provide our publishing clients with amazing web design and graphics, top-notch copywriting services, effective paid advertising systems, the latest in Search Engine Optimization techniques, email writing, administration and hosting of websites and email service provides, plus of course – Visioning!

Our employees and contractors that we hire to help our publishing clients are caring, self-reliant “action takers” who believe in the vision of each one of our clients and who also want to belong to a bigger movement and goal of helping millions of consumers change their lives for the better.

While our organization is remote-controlled from anywhere in the world, and almost all of our employees and contractors work via home offices and connect via skype, we do have a small central headquarters with essential support staff. Someone is always available for contact, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Yet our organization remains small and nimble, as we too work only on our unique abilities – creative – while outsourcing the rest to qualified artists around the world.

We are famous for taking care of everyone. Our clients, employees, and end-user customers rave about our customer service.

We measure success by:
– publishing client revenue (minimum $150,000 in first 12 months)
– publishing client profit (minimum 30% margin)
– publishing client satisfaction (net promoter score of 9.5/10)
– end-user satisfaction (product refund rate less than 5% and net promoter score of greater than 8.5/10)

Clients are attracted to our business because we offer to do what they can’t or don’t want to. We have a combined 20+ years experience in direct marketing, and bring our expertise and done-for-you methods to dramatically increase.

The 3 most important things we offer clients are…

1) Assurance that they will have world-class marketing to support their passion

2) All their technological headaches taken care of for them.

3) More money than they could make on their own.

But we ONLY accept clients who we believe in and who have a powerful Mission and Movement that we believe must be shared with the world.

We only work with self-reliant, fast-starters who take immediate action on our directives.

We ensure a high-quality of publishing superstars through a slow and extensive intake process. We don’t accept clients just because they have the money it takes to invest in our program.

We find our prospects through our speaking, writing and word of mouth. In most cases, clients actually find us and apply, but we also identify potential clients and invite them to meet with us.

If applicants are not ready or appropriate, we thank them for their time and wish them the best…but we only accept clients who are a perfect fit for our business and vision.

Our peers say that our publishing system is the envy of every industry, because it is a guaranteed success story when we choose a new publishing client. Our superstar client intake system ensures that we never “dig a dry well.”

By using these standards, we ensure that we continue to make a difference at 3 levels directly – on the lives of our clients, their customers, and our employees.

Our employees and contractors love working for and with us, thanks to the effort we make at clear and concise communication.

We share our vision with our team. We don’t waste people’s time. We pay above industry norms, and offer performance incentives.

The end-user doesn’t necessarily know that our publishing team even exists, for we work in the background, making sure everything runs smoothly for our superstar clients.

We feel lucky we are able to help so many people directly and indirectly. We are dedicated to giving the next generation of entrepreneurs a shot at the same American Dream we have enjoyed.


It’s not perfect, but it captures our passion, goals, and mission, plus it gives us a dramatic destination to build a plan towards.

Your vision must really fire up your partners, colleagues, and employees – and even your clients. Put your passion into it.

I know you’ll get a lot out of this exercise.

To your vision,

Craig Ballantyne

“Don’t let people beat the passion out of you.” – John Williams

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  • Awesome vision! Thanks for sharing such a powerful idea.

  • I will have this to you after my workout on Monday. This is a more specific version of what I do in my life coaching program with my clients. Lately, i’ve been more focused on fine tuning my business and this will include a better defined vision i’ve had after our mastermind meeting.

    If people read this blog and don’t do this, they should probably unsubscribe now. A long journey without a road map is an aimless wandering waiting for life and circumstance to happen to you and not you happen to life.

    Thank you Craig! The numbers actually inspire me more than words of what would be expected in your group.

  • Awesome post! I pumped out my vision, and posted it on my facebook page, this will allow people to comment and help me re-write. It will hopefully motivate others to write out their visions.

  • Craig,

    As always fantastic. I can’t wait to read your blog posts. The amount of quality usable information is crazy.

    Thank you so much.


  • ian

    This is great! I have done something similar to this I before but this is much more in depth and really makes for forward thinking! The question are the best part and essential for this process.


  • Great Idea Craig. Here is mine…it is long:

    Go Fitness Information Business Vision

    The year is 2015 and our business will be a line of fitness information products that generate a total of 1 million dollars in total revenue (with $350,000 of that being in passive income from our membership sites). We will be helping hundreds of thousands of women get into incredible shape using our fitness products and we’ll also have 17,500 members in our membership site.

    Our mission is to help 1 million women across the world get back into incredible shape and to create a community of women leaders dedicated to helping themselves as well as other women who have the same goals.

    Our clients are like one big mastermind all focused towards one objective…which is to change their bodies and change their lives in the process. They are all supportive of each other and willing to help out their fellow neighbor when the time presents itself. We can only hit our goals together as a one unit.

    Our organization is small but nimble and our staff are all able to work remotely from anywhere in the world. All of our transactions and customer service will be done online or on the telephone making this company mobile and able to run from a laptop.

    Our organization will be famous for getting women back into incredible shape using our line of fitness products as well as our powerful membership site. Our testimonials and stories will provide women with the motivation and the power to know that they can change their bodies too. Everyone will be connected to the movement from the owner down the members themselves and we will all be leaders spreading the vision across the globe.

    We measure success by the results we get our clients by
    Weight loss
    Dress sizes dropped
    Changes that have occurred in their own lives as a results of using our products
    Membership stick rates
    Low refund rates (below 3%) for our products and services

    Clients are attracted to our business because we are creating a movement for women to be totally empowered in their own bodies. We will be changing their lives through changing their bodies and the results will speak for themselves. Our own members will become our cheerleaders spreading the vision across their own towns and cities. We will be relentless in spreading this vision across the world because doing so we know we will be doing something positive for the entire world.

    We will be extremely selective in what we do recommend to our clients and will make sure that every product/service we promote will benefit our clients in the end. We will never go for the quick buck “just because we can”.

    People who work for us will be connected to the movement and believe that what they are doing is being a positive influence on the world. We will pay our team higher than the average pay wage and they will have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world they want. They will honestly be happy to come into work as they know they will be an integral part of helping this company move forward.

    I feel this business is the sole reason why I was put on this earth. I have already helped hundreds of women get into great shape with my local boot camps and now it is time to help women on a much larger scale. I really do believe in the products and services I provide because I put the work and research into them to ensure that they work as advertised.

    The 3 most important things we offer to our clients:
    A proven blueprint to change their bodies that is easy to use and simple to do.
    A community of likeminded women who are all dedicated to helping each other reach their goals.
    Tremendous value and service with each and every product/service we offer.

    My role in the business is to create the products and do the work necessary to make this vision come alive. This means creating the marketing and the systems to ensure that each product is optimized for the end user. The systems I create will then be carried forward automatically through our team.

    Our prospects will find us by:
    Search engine optimization
    Our blog
    Pay per click ads
    Facebook and other social media
    Banner ads
    Site targeted marketing campaigns

    We will hire action oriented people who are loyal and responsible. They will have infectious personalities (especially in customer service) and also be motivated to the movement. We will need:

    Graphic designers
    Customer Service Girls
    Administrative assistants

    What are everyday tasks?

    Everyday tasks will be
    Customer service
    Book Keeping/Accounting
    Web Design
    Content Creation

    Employees will love working for our company because we provide payment above industry norms and make the work place a happy place to be. We will be serious about getting work done but still have joy at what we do because we know we are making a difference.

    Clients will love our products and services and beg us to make more because they have worked so well at changing their bodies. Clients will be true cheerleaders for our business and refer everyone they know to try out our products.

    Our community will acknowledge our movement and commend us for our efforts. They will also notice that we are not only dedicated to helping women change their lives but our charitable efforts will also be focused on making this world a better place.

    Our peers will look at our business as one that a mature business. They will admire and respect our systems, marketing and our quality of service and always approach us to promote our products to their own clients. There might be some haters but the overall feeling will be positive about our business.

  • intind

    Great work Dan, that’s one of the best vision statements I’ve read.


  • I’m going to do this all over again. Thank you for the reminder Craig.

  • References:

    IF – Intermittent Fasting
    IF’ers – Intermittent Fasters..people who do intermittent fasting.

    The year is 2015…we have sold 100 million copies of our Intermittent Fasting Program. We have had the program translated and sold in 10 different languages in every country in the world. We will help our clients lose a total of TWO BILLION pounds off of their bodies and create a movement towards healthy eating done through the IF way.

    Our clients are like one big family who help and support each other. We know what we are doing is different from the norm but we are unafraid of being different because we have the support of each other. Each client of ours will spread the word of our program to others and it will be like we have developed a cult of IF’ers.

    We’ll meet in a super conference done every single year. We will constantly meet and support each other every month through our membership site as well as group coaching calls. Our own clients will become leaders on our web forum and help others achieve the success they have.

    Our mission is to change the lives and the bodies of a billion people throughout the world through the use of our IF program by the year of 2020. The IF way of living will be a rapidly growing movement because it frees people from their poor relationships with food and allows them to live a healthy lean lifestyle.

    We will literally change the way the world eats forever.

    Our clients will finally be free of any bad relationship they have ever had with food and in turn lead fulfilling lifestyles. A lifestyle that they choose themselves. They will attain freedom and it will spill over into each part of their lives (family, friends, work, and play). Our programs will not only change the relationship our clients have with food…they will change the relationships our clients have with themselves and others. We will give the power back to our clients and always let them know that as human beings, they have the power to choose what they want in life.

    IF will not just be a way of eating. It will be a lifestyle.

    Each one of our clients will then have the responsibility of being leaders within their own families and communities. They are the reason why our program has become popular. Because of the changes they have made to their bodies and lifestyles they will spread the word to others. People will become addicted to the IF movement because of what it stands for.

    Our business is our clients. We value each and every single person that purchases our programs and services and we are dedicated to giving massive value to each and every one of them. Every single program we make and every single service we offer will have the end user in mind.

    “How can we make this better?”
    “How can we deliver more value?”
    “How can we create a better environment for interaction and support?”

    These will be the questions we ask when making programs/services for our clients. We know that by focusing on delivering MASSIVE VALUE to our clients, our business goals shall be reached as well as create a rabid following of IF’ers.

    People will know that each and every one of our programs was made for them.

    We will NOT promote any programs or products that we feel won’t benefit our clients. We will be extremely selective in who and what we promote because we know that our reputations will be at stake. It takes years to build a reputation and it only takes a day to break your reputation. It’s just not worth it to go after the quick buck in our business.

    Even though our business will reach 100 million end users, we will keep a very tight knit work force of 10 on site team members and 30 virtual team members (quite possibly using the services of CB’s publishing company).

    Each on-site team member will be action takers, self-reliant, responsible, friendly and possibly IF’ers. They will be treated like family and our company will be fun to work for. They will know that they are part of a movement that is dedicated to doing “good” in this world. Every day they come into work will be one where they will feel fulfilled because they know they have a part in changing people’s lives through our business.

    Anyone that is part of our team is part of our family and will be treated that way because we realize that our relationship with our team members is just as important as our relationship with our clients. That means that we will be delivering massive value to our employees in every way possible.

    Each and every team member will be at a position that is based on their strengths. They will take pride in what they do and give us their best each and every day.

    Our organization will have one main office (possibly in Toronto…if not somewhere sunny like California) that will be used for strategy sessions and meetings. Our actual business will be done entirely on the internet. Our team members will love working for us because they’ll be able to work from the comfort of their own homes.

    Because of the virtual nature of our business there will always be multiple people available to help support our clients 24/7/365.

    Every day tasks will include:
    Customer service
    Business/System management
    Email communications

    We will also have the help from affiliates and partners in many industries. They will be honest and carry the same core values we have. We will treat our affiliates as good friends with our sole purpose being to give them as much value as possible…that means to make them as much money as possible with the least amount of work possible.
    We’ll meet with our affiliate partners semi-annually every single year to reconnect, mastermind and have loads of fun.

    We are known throughout the fitness and health industry as an organization that takes good care of its team members and clients…every decision we make will always be based on giving value.

    Also, because we deliver so much value to our team members it will trickle onto their communications with our clients. They will rave about our customer service and prompt delivery.

    How do you measure success? (Be specific)

    Our business will measure success by:
    Results (pounds lost, inches lost, body fat lost)
    Lifestyle changes our clients have made
    Knowing we put massive value into each and every program and service.
    End user satisfaction (we will continually average 85% scoring on customer reviews)
    Low refund rates (2% or less)
    The impact our programs have made on the world…this is a little vague and will be detailed later.

    Clients will be first attracted to our business because of the amazing results our programs deliver…and this is by doing the opposite of what everyone is telling them to do. They will become rabid fans of our business because they will know that each and every program, service and communication made to them will be based on delivering value and…it may sound corny but…love.

    People can see through the BS and they’ll know if we are not sincere in our programs and communications. We have a incredible belief in our business and our mission. This will always be communicated with passion to our clients.

    As the co-founder of this business, I feel as if we are being a positive benefit to the world. This is what I was put on this world to do. The way I built this business was different than when I built my boot camp business but the principles remained the same: Deliver Massive Value and love what you do. The community we have developed over the years will seem a bit “cult-ish” to many on the outside (mainly haterz). It fulfills me because if I invented a cult whose sole purpose was to positively transform bodies and lifestyle…then I’m all for it.

    This business serves my sole purpose is to change people’s lives no matter how small or how big.

    The 3 most important things I offer clients are:
    The tools and simple to use programs necessary to changing their bodies.
    Unlimited support from our team members and IF Community Leaders.
    A better body and a better lifestyle.

    But we ONLY work with clients who are positive people and willing to help others. We realize what the effect energy vampires will have on our business and once detected they will be fired immediately.

    We ensure not only high quality from our team members but from our clients as well. We’re a good organization and our values must align with everyone from the top down.

    My role in the business will be visionary and mascot. I will come up with the MASSIVE VALUE programs and services our end clients will use. I will also help create the infrastructure of the business and the systems we will use to deliver amazing quality to our end clients. I will also contribute to spreading the movement through TV, newspaper, magazines and through our clients.

    We will find our prospects by (not in any order):
    Organic SEO
    Banner Ads
    Our Blog
    Word of mouth
    Related websites targeting our end users

    When employees, peers and clients talk about our business they will have passion in their voices.

    They know our core values and that we are aligned with them from top to bottom.

    When clients speak about our business they will talk of the amazing results they have experienced with our programs and the amazing level of alignment with our core values. They will speak of the community they share with millions of other IF’ers and how they have virtual friends from all over the world sharing the same experiences. They will be our cheerleaders and help spread the word about our programs and business.

    When peers and affiliate partners speak about our business they will talk about how easy it was to do business with us and how much value they got out of our relationship. They will profit from our programs and are always excited to participate in our launches and affiliate promotions. They will talk about how “push button” our business is that all they have to do is cut and paste and make money.

    When employees speak about our business they will have a smile on their face because they know that even though they are getting paid…coming to work doesn’t feel like a job. They feel that they have a hand in helping us change the world and it fulfills them because they could not have found a job like this anywhere else. Our employees will love our business so much that they end up staying on for the rest of their careers.

    The community will be skeptical at first of our business because we are challenging a lot of nutrition beliefs that have been around for decades. At first we are prepared to see a little “hate” from the some people in the community because what we propose our clients to do goes against everything they advise their clients to do. As our business mature and new research comes out supporting our theories they will grow to love our company and what we stand for. A lot of them will become IF’ers themselves and see how easy it is to change their bodies.

    They will love it so much that they too will become a part of our movement not only because of the amazing results but because of our values and what we stand for.

  • Dave

    That’s the Zingerman’s Deli guy! I love that place!

  • Jeff

    Thanks so much for your encouraging posts! This is EXACTLY what I need.
    My passions are to help provide clean drinking water and to help grow leaders in developing countries. If developing countries had clean water a HUGE percentage of the world’s health issues would go away. If they had strong leadership at all levels in many developing countries it would be easy to solve the water issue. I even have ideas to combine leadership development with grass roots well drilling projects and lot’s of exciting concepts of operations!

    Here’s my problem: What do I do with that? How do I make money with it? I have a vision for a large multinational organization that teaches, leads, works all over the world and is flush with the cash necessary to accomplish these tasks but how do I get there from here?

    Eager but confused,

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jeff,

      This is not a make money passion. Fortunately, there are many charities out there dedicate to this mission, and I’m sure they would love to have the services of someone like you who has great enthusiasm for the mission.


  • J van Honk

    Dear Craig,
    Thank you very much for your vision and this template. I also have a vision and for the longest time undercover it has had to do with you or your mentorship. Please don’t take this the wrong way but remember my name. You will hear more from me. Like Early to Rise when you told the Universe you wanted in doing something just like Early to Rise, I also have dared create a dream around a product I can now envision, that is so intensely one with my passion, and will serve many like myself 60 years or over. Isabel De Los Rios audio interview was a true inspiration and further helped solidify my dream vision. Thanks for sharing this with your readers which when I read your mails, I always feel you are speaking directly and singularly to me. (LOL you probably have over 500k on your list!) I continue to find vision food through your newsletters, emails and products and can only extend my gratitude.. Stay tuned Craig!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Jane.

  • Ironic that I was in the process of working on my vision when I was emailed the link to this post from Craig…

    Here’s my vision:

    It’s 2017, Brad Gouthro Fitness, now known as Brad Gouthro Media Inc., is a highly sought after brand in the online and offline health, fitness, and nutrition industry.

    My passion and energy levels are the highest they’ve ever been…and I still have more to give.

    My “7 secrets to living the lean lifestyle” message continues to spread internationally. Satisfied customers are proving that anyone can live the lean lifestyle as long as you consistently take action on my 7 secrets.

    The gym doesn’t take over my customer’s lives. In fact, they’re losing fat and building muscle in LESS TIME since they follow the simple and efficient workout principles from “Awaken The Abs Within”.

    My customers also don’t starve themselves. They actually EAT MORE FOOD and are LOSING MORE FAT by following my TQT nutrition principles also found in “Awaken The Abs Within”.

    This is what makes me, my product, and my message different. I take complex and often confusing topics (fitness and nutrition), and make it simple, implementable, and sustainable for anyone.

    People are connected and drawn to me based on my simple message and because I’m also living the healthy lifestyle that I promote.

    I relate, connect, and inspire people…not just create and sell them.

    I hire or outsource any tasks that I don’t add value to. My employees love working on the business, believe in the message, and are also living the lifestyle. This includes a team of 3 passionate writers (I still review all posts before they go out), an advertising agency, 2 customer service reps/assistants, and a team of professional consultants including a publicist, TV agent, and literary agent.

    After partnering with Craig Ballantyne…

    …”Awaken The Abs Within” just sold its 100,016 copy online, maintains an over 100 gravity Clickbank rating, and was re-published as a paperback by Rodale Inc., selling over 20,000 copies and growing every day.

    60 sub-branded “Awaken The Abs Within” programs also sell online and continuously maintain an over 30 Clickbank gravity rating.

    My products also provide over 20 affiliates with enough sales to have financial freedom. These affiliates are a part of a mastermind group that meets in a fun location at least once per year. My affiliates and employees are not just sales people, they are my partners and friends.

    We’ve just accomplished our first mission of transforming the lives of 10,000 men, women, and families via our Team Lean membership community. The community and its content continuously grows everyday.

    Next mission? 100,000 members by 2020.

    But I don’t look at Team Lean members as just being subscribers. Each Team Lean member is a part of a movement to a healthier society. Not only are my Team Lean members getting incredible results, they’re also sharing the message and helping others move their body’s more efficiently and eating higher quality food.

    The “Awaken The Abs Within” e-newsletter currently has 1,000,347 subscribers and is e-mailed out daily.

    I receive customer feedback everyday via blog comments, personal e-mails, tweets, facebook posts, etc. describing how my message and products has educated, motivated, and inspired them to live a healthier lifestyle.

    Not only am I well known in the online publishing industry, thanks to my partnership with FitFluential, I also currently have six figure endorsement deals with GNC and Nike. All brands that I respect and use myself.

    One of my proudest moments is when I turn down a $250,000 endorsement deal from McDonald’s.

    I’m currently in talks with a major TV network to star in a healthy lifestyle show.

    Even with all this going on, I still speak at and attend health and fitness conferences to continuously spread my message and connect with other potential business partners.

    Finally…here are the top 6 words most people use when talking about me…

    “Brad inspired me to take action.”

    …the rest is history.


    See you at Underground 8 Craig!

    Brad Gouthro

    • Anonymous

      This is great, thanks Brad

  • Mike Mason

    Worth mentioning is Cameron Heralds take on the subject. http://startupplays.com/plays/build-and-live-a-startup-vision

    He created 1800 Fot junk from nothing and turned it into a multi million dollar business. Camerons aproach to building vision is unparalleled.

  • Here goes, even though I haven’t answered all the questions nor have I studied your vision statement very closely. So more work to go…

    It is September 1, 2017. I am thrilled with the flourishing World Wide Residency business. My core team of 13 works together like a well-oiled machine or a perfectly ship-shape aircraft carrier. Five hundred plus individuals, couples, and families are now residents of Uruguay. They came and are coming from the USA and Canada. They are mainly retirees. Many are making a second income from their internet businesses, international investments, and other activities.
    This vision statement is like a huge ship going out from the docking area. If a ship has no compass, no captain, no harbor pilot, no destination written on the log book, that ship will never get out of the port.
    This business, this “ship”, has 1) a high tech compass. A direction: a step by step sales system, marketing system, accounting system, product creation system, fulfillment system, customer service system, content creation system, and optimal selling strategy system; 2) a captain: me. My role is to steer this ship. I inspire the crew of 13 and our valued clients; 3) a technology genius harbor pilot: Bob Maclean, my partner. Other partners/mentors/jv investors, affiliate business associates are Craig Ballantyne, Matt Smith, and 199 Virtual Mastermind business men and women; 4) A clear final destination for myself and for the 500 + clients. My destination: on September 1, 2014 I have all five flags planted. On September 1, 2017 (now) 500 + clients have at least 4 flags planted and a second stream of income from enjoyable business and investment activities; 5) This “ship” is famous for its audacious “Unconferences” held each spring in a warm country on a date depending if it is time for a Southern Hemisphere “Unconference” or a Northern Hemisphere “Unconference”.
    My destination flags are 1) Residency, Citizenship, Second Passport in Uruguay; 2) Business and Investment flag in Singapore; Banking in Uruguay, Belize, and Mongolia; Business interests in Georgia; 3) Official Residence in Ecuador ; 4) Asset Protection with a Cook Island Trust, gold storage in Switzerland; 5) Playground countries are Hong Kong, Germany, France,the UK, and Madagascar.
    Our business success is measured by having flags planted by our clients all around the globe.
    The three most important things our clients get are 1) Detailed information and personalized service on gaining residency in a country of their choice (specifically Uruguay, but we help with all decisions); 2) Detailed information and personalized service on how to protect their assets and reduce their taxes; 3) Detailed information and personalized service on how to make money in a foreign country.
    The clients of this business are carefree and very loyal and dedicated to their chosen countries, each other, and the captain and crew of this “ship”.
    The 500+ clients continue to subscribe to the weekly newsletter. They come to the “Unconferences” to interact with expats and experts who keep all of us up to speed.
    I refuse to do tasks that I am not good at: technology and accounting, cleaning house, decorating, and shopping for clothes.
    [I know, lots of tweaking and filling in of gaps here, but simply a start for me.]

    • Anonymous

      That’s a great start, let’s see the next draft soon.

  • Jason B Jones

    I have been struggling for months clarifying my vision/mission/tagline. This article is so spot on. Literally took me less than an hour. Thank you so much.

  • Dan

    Did you hit your 2015 vision?

    • Hey Dan, we decided to focus on 3 partners instead of 25… we surpassed our goals with fewer people. Great question. And let me know if you ever want me to be on your podcast. Just email craig AT godfather.com – thanks!