Your Mission & Movement

Thanks to everyone who replied to yesterday’s email with kind words for my mom. I really appreciate it.

Today, I want to explain the Internet Independence Movement and the Mission behind the new site and daily email.

It all started with a discussion I had in the Tucson, Arizona airport with my friend Matt. I met Matt through Yanik Silver’s Mastermind group back in 2008, and we had just finished up a Maverick Business Adventure with Tim Ferriss in the desert, shooting guns & driving cars.

As we waited for our flight back to Denver, I mentioned to Matt that one of my business goals was to write a daily newsletter that helped people improve their internet businesses.

We went back and forth for months with different ideas, and I finally decided to base “Internet Independence” on the same system that Matt and his business partner Simon use with their site,

At Sovereign Man (SM), Simon sends out a daily email packed with powerful content, and has done so for about 18 months. He’s built a loyal following of readers, all based around the mission of helping those readers “plant multiple flags” for financial & family security.

And so on December 27th, as I was out on a dog walk with Bally, it clicked. I decided to make it my mission to help 1000 people achieve Internet Independence in 2011.

I purchased the domain name from an internet marketer, and I’ve planned out over 150 (!) daily messages already.

I can’t wait to share these with you.

Now that brings me to another point…helping you identify the Mission and the Movement in your business.

You see, by having a Mission, it creates a powerful reason for you to connect with your readers, and to contact them with helpful information.

As you research your niche market and plan your products, take a few minutes to also consider how you can turn your message into one based on a Movement with a Mission.

For my fitness business – Turbulence Training – my mission is to help 1 million men and women transform their bodies and their lives by 2020.

I also have a 2nd mission of helping 1000 trainers help 1000 clients while improving their business and training skills, also by 2020.

If you’re struggling to think of a mission and movement for your business, the classic book, “Good to Great” will help you set what it calls, a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”. And that will guide you to your mission.

Another excellent resource is the book, “The Rockefeller Habits”. It’s probably the best business book I’ve ever read. However, it is for more advanced businesses (not just 1-man operations). Don’t rush into reading that one quite yet if you are a beginner.

Bottom line:
Having a Mission and a Movement in your online business is one of my “10 Pillars of Internet Independence“. This will set you apart from competitors in your market, PLUS it will infuse everything you do with significantly more passion.

And tomorrow, I’ll bring you the remaining 9 pillars (including the role of passion) that you need in place to help you reach your Internet Independence.

To your best year ever,

Craig Ballantyne

“People will do almost anything to stay in their comfort zones. If you want to accomplish anything, get out of your comfort zone.” – Kekich Credo #1

  • Craig,

    I just wanted to thank you very much for putting this series together. The content you deliver with each segment so far has been extremely valuable, motivating, and educational for any one looking for information on how to use the internet as a vehicle for creating a product around something that one is passionate about.

    I look forward to each post already, and like your information states, you are definitely a welcomed guest with the valuable lessons that you teach.

    I consider you a mentor, motivator, and inspiration.

    Joel Rosen

    • Anonymous

      Hey Joel, great to hear from you, and happy to help. Looking forward to your success.


  • THANKS again for more great content!

  • Wally

    The info you are giving seems great but I can’t see where you have any money-making opportunity on your site. Are you selling the names that sign up for the newsletter?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Wally,

      I’m not selling anything right now.

      And I certainly would NEVER sell another person’s email address.



  • fabian

    hi. thanks for sharing this passion/dream with us. but i have one comment regarding the scope of your mission. i love the “internet independence” concept, but you’re only focusing on creating a business, while thee are ways to achieve that goal without necessarily creating a business, by investing in businesses, markets, etc. i’m not willing to create a business, but still i’m looking to achieve I.I., got savings to invest in risky opportunities if they have been identified and are available over the net,

    best regards,

    • Anonymous

      This site is not about investing in markets. It’s about building businesses.


  • I’m a subscriber to Simon Black’s newsletter, and he recommended you. I welcome your information as very timely since I’m building a new online business.

    I look forward to receiving your daily tips. Going international and diversifying one’s income is the place to be. Thanks for leading the way!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Paul,


  • Sheena Pullen

    Craig, I have been referred to you by my dad who thinks you can help – You already have in so many ways and appreciate the tips you gave in the interview you did recently. Thank you.

    One question I have is about protection and the legal aspects of setting up a software business over the internet. How do you ensure that you have the right contracts in place without having to spend thousands in legal fees? Do you have any comments surrounding this topic? Any advice would be helpful.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Sheena, thank you for your email. Unfortunately, this is outside of my area of expertise. I will be interviewing a legal expert soon though, so stay tuned.

  • Tony Kastens

    Hi Craig!
    I signed up for your newsletter on the suggestion of Simon Black who I have followed for some time now. I think you have done an awesome job on this site, and want to say “Thanks” for creating and sharing such valuable information. On another note, my brother asked if I knew anyone who is very credible, with a solid track record, that could assist him in selling his well established e-commerce business. Can you recommend anyone who has solid credentials in said arena? Thanks in advance! Sincerely appreciate the knowledge I have gained from your web site, and your interviews with Simon! Best to you!

    • Anonymous

      Hey Tony, I will ask around. Thank you for your feedback.


  • Tom Kelly

    Howdy Craig: I am 66 years young, with a dream to start, build and become successful with a online business. I have like others been screwed by all the guru’s and their promises. I have a learning disability, which at times hampers me in organizational skills and proper time management, ie…getting things done on time.

    I am blessed with a pair of wonderful kids, and a lovely wife from the philippines, whom I married over twenty 2 years ago. I would love to become as successful as yourself, Tim Ferris and all the others, but need some handholding and guidence. After I read the 4 hour workweek, I know now that is what I must do, before I die.
    I want to give that lifestyle to my children, so that they don’t have to work their entire lives like I did, and now have only Social Unsecurity to exist on.
    It is because of this I must go back out into the cold world at 66 to find a job so we can all eat. Can your program bring a old man success, for the remainder of his life? Your comments appreciated. Sincerely, Tom Kelly

  • rich

    Hi Craig,

    I got your OSP product years ago but never did anything because I didn’t think I had valuable knowledge/experience yet (was still in college). Now I have much more value to share and just wanted to know if your free 12 month course is more relevant or if I should start digging into OSP? I’m excited to keep moving forward.

    • Anonymous

      You should study both.

  • CRAIG!!! you just inspired me to create
    a new “Mission & Movement” i’ll be applying for the
    Camp – i’ve been an avid student of Michael Masterson 🙂

    and various other sites like SovereignMan – i love the ETR info and it has tremendously helped me grow my various business’s

    speak soon buddy 🙂