Your Marketing Department Needs to Be Bigger

You might be surprised to learn that Early to Rise has 26 marketers on staff.

How big is your marketing department?

I’ll tell you how big it should be. If you have five employees, you should have five marketers. If you have 100 employees, you should have 100 marketers.

Get the picture? Every single one of your employees should think like a marketer. Every single one of them should be working on accomplishing your marketing goals. Yes, they should be doing what their job description says they should do. But every single employee’s job description should include “marketing” as a core responsibility.

Your customer service people should be learning what your customers want… what they like… what isn’t working… and what you can do better.

Your IT people should be figuring out how to make your website easier for your customers to use.

Your writers and editors should be looking for articles that will help engage your readers… subjects that will interest your readers… and topics that correspond with the products and services you offer.

And so on.

This is exactly what we do at Early to Rise. And it’s one reason we’ve experienced such tremendous growth.

If you get all your employees on board with your marketing efforts, you could see your own profits soar.

[Ed. Note: MaryEllen Tribby, ETR’s Publisher and CEO, will be telling all in her forthcoming book on multi-channel marketing (co-written with Michael Masterson). Keep reading ETR to find out when the book will be released.]

Mary Ellen Tribby

MaryEllen Tribby is a business consultant and coach to entrepreneurs in the information publishing and digital marketing arena. She led Early to Rise from May 2006 to January 2010 as Publisher & CEO. She has also served as President of Weiss Research, managing divisions of Forbes, Globe Communications, Times Mirror Magazines and Crain’s New York Business. She currently heads up The CEO's Edge and