Get Fired Up With Your Goals

I find stuff like this to be so cool…

A friend sent me this, from Fortune magazine.

“Every year, Tony Bates and his wife make a list of future goals. In 2007, Bates was a 40-year-old Cisco (CSCO) executive who wrote down that he wanted to become a CEO by the age of 45.

“He then listed four companies — all consumer-focused, despite his enterprise pedigree — that he hoped would offer him the job.”

One of the 4 companies was Skype.

And then last year, at age 44, Tony Bates become Skype’s CEO, and achieved the specific goal he set four years earlier.

This is an incredible example and reminder about why we should be:

a) Setting POWERFUL and ambitious goals
b) Writing them down
c) Putting them out there to the universe

So no matter if you are struggling or having a record year, set aside time this week or next weekend and really think about what you want to achieve in the next year, 5 years, and 10 years.

Set deadlines for these goals – that’s a powerful component that most people will miss from this example.

Deadlines = Speed of implementation = Attraction of the right people that will help you reach your goals.

Write your goals down and review them frequently – at least once a week.

Share your goals with the RIGHT people – the ones who will encourage you, motivate you, and connect you with others who will move you forward towards your goals and dreams.

And constantly take action – one step (baby or giant, doesn’t
matter) every day closer to your goals and dreams.

Get fired up. Keep on pushing. Never stop.

Let’s see what we can do before the end of summer.

Craig Ballantyne

“Your only limitation is how much action you are willing to take.”
– Carrie Wilkerson

  • I am a little off topic here but I had a few questions that I hope you could answer.

    I have noticed as of late it looks as though the only search hits I get are from Google images. In the past this was very rare but now it seems as this is all I get. Any ideas as to what happened?

    I see this site is a PR2 all ready. How did you do that?

    Third thing…
    I know you are in a mastermind group and you report how helpful it has been for you. Is there anyway that those from here could start our own mastermind group.


    • Anonymous

      Jason, here is Rick’s reply…and I’m not even sure if he answered your question, because Rick can go off on tangents…

      This is a case where you must look at your Google Analytics to see which pages were specifically getting the traffic and for what keywords. There are so many reasons it’s hard to cover in 1 short post but I’ll touch on a couple of them.

      1) Check to see if the pages that were getting traffic are easily accessible from your homepage. If it takes several clicks to find your way to them it may be that Google can no longer get to them quickly either so they have concluded that those posts are no longer important. Site structure and crawling speed is super important for rankings these days. A good practice is to take your highest converting and highest traffic keywords and make sure they are somewhere on the home page.

      For a good example of a very clean and simple site where Google can get to each keyword/page with 1 click take a look at our Shapeshifter site

      notice in the upper right hand sidebar I have placed a widget that has our keywords with a link to the article. This is a much more optimized way to do it instead of having a widget that has the actual titles of the posts.

      for example – I have in the widget ‘bodyweight workouts’ – however, the name of the post is,
      ‘How to get back in shape with shapeshifter bodyweight workouts’

      I don’t want to rank for the keyword ‘How to get back in shape with shapeshifter bodyweight workouts’, I want to rank for ‘bodyweight workouts’ and ‘shapeshifter bodyweight workouts’. Since ‘bodyweight workouts’ is the most competitive of the keywords that is how I optimized it in my widget, so that Google sees a homepage backlink with just the keyword as the anchor text.

      If the blog posts you used to rank for are buried deep within your blog it might be too hard for Google to find them. Setup your site structure so that your most important keywords are only 1 click away.

      2) Make sure your tags are NOT indexed. If you are using tags as part of your site structure and you are indexing them you will get duplicate content penalties and rankings will fall off the charts (not in all cases, Google is very inconsistent with this). Think of all the tag pages as just duplicate pages on your site that mucks up the search engines, Google doesn’t want to index them so don’t make your tag pages compete with your primary pages.

      I never index my tag pages, but recently I ran a test because I like to test things and occasionally tank my own sites into the gutter so that I can reverse engineer the problem and bring them back. During the Shapeshifter launch I left tags indexed on our site so that we would have a flood of extra pages in the search engine, as far as the a launch goes it worked well, BUT, when the next Panda update hit the site got hammered and all those duplicate pages caused the entire site to drop (sorry Craig, it was for SEO science). After it tanked I went back to the blog and deindexed all the tags and now the rankings have almost all come back. I prefer to have valid proof from my own experiments rather than here say from the ‘gurus’.

      3) if you are ranking for some pictures that is fine, consider it a bonus, but it probably won’t net in traffic that actually converts. How you get ranked for pictures is actually quite simple. When you create an ‘alt tag’ for a picture on your blog post Google starts puts it into the images index. When you search a keyword you will usually see a sampling of a few pictures, those are the highest ranked relevant pictures it can find related to those keywords. If you have a post with a picture with an alt tag, and the title of the post also has that keyword, and the backlinks to the post also have that keyword then it will probably rank high in the images text. Google ‘Rick Porter’ and look for ridiculous picture of the guy holding a red lightsaber on page 1, that’s me. lol

  • Charles D Cook

    I am subscribed to Simon Black’s web page and am subscribing to yours…

  • Anil

    Jason you ought to put down your hits counter and read the article again.

  • David

    Question? I am looking to convert us dollars into australian dollars. Any advice on when to do it and why? Any tips would be great. When would be the most effective time to buy the aussie dollar? What is the exchange rate (usd vs. aud) that would be most benificial to me? Thanks, david

  • Izod

    So…did Mr. Bates get hired at Skype so he could sell it to Google? That hardly promotes the cause of freedom.

  • Izod

    Oops….I meant Microsoft…same difference in the pursuit of freedom. This is a BAD thing for Skype users.

  • allan

    Hi Craig,

    First time to the site and was wondering if you’ve done an article about hosting your web app outside of the US? What you think are the best locations? Right now, the web app I’m working on is for the US.

    I’m US citizen and contemplating down the road whether or not if it’s a good idea to say incorporate outside the US? I’m not looking for legal or tax advice, but just wondering what others are doing …

    Thanks in advance for all replies!