Don’t Play This Game With Your Future

When you’re first getting started online, you need to find out who your readers are in order to serve them with the information they desire.

But too many of us play the guessing game in our businesses. We aren’t sure what our prospects want, and so we throw out offer after offer, without any rhyme or reason.

The solution is to survey your prospects – and yes, you can do this on the Internet and in person.

For Early to Rise, I’ve even put together a short, survey for you here.

And when you complete this little survey that will help make ETR even better for you, we’ll give you access to an incredible interview I did with a successful mentor of mine called, “The 10 Universal Truths of Rich and Productive People“.

I know you’ll enjoy it. So just visit that link to fill in the survey and then you’ll be given immediate access to download this special report. Thanks so much for your help.

Doing a survey of your prospects is important, and I guarantee you’ll be surprised by what you find. I really look forward to reading your responses and finding out what you want from ETR.

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By answering this survey, you’ll help me help you, as I’ll be able to choose the best topics to write about in future daily emails.