You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

One of things we talk about all the time at ETR is that you should never stop learning.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or employee or both, you should always be:


  • Studying your market

  • Developing new strategies and skills

  • Reading trade publications and the general news to find out about trends that might affect your business

  • Keeping an eye on your competition

That’s why several ETR team members — including me — recently attended a Direct Marketing Association seminar in Washington, DC. We learned a lot about direct mail, which we don’t do much of here (but that might change). And we found that many of those “old school” techniques can be applied to online marketing. (We also learned that Spanish tapas and Asian Fusion are the hot restaurant trends in town right now. Kobe beef hot dog with ginger-scallion relish, anyone?)

It was great to see that organizing and attending our own Info-Marketing Bootcamps had prepared us very well for the DMA seminar. It seemed we knew much more about several topics than the rest of the attendees, especially marketing copy. I can credit Michael Masterson with that. He insists that every ETR employee must know how to at least recognize good copy.

Until next week,

Jason Holland

Associate Publisher

Early to Rise