Three years ago, in 2007, at the Dan Kennedy Info-Summit in Chicago, I bought a 60-CD set of Dr. Nido Qubein speeches. I invested over $1000 in these CD’s, and then I made a common mistake…I let them sit around on my book shelf without opening them.

But since getting my portable CD player last month (yes, I’m a techno-dunce, like my buddy Yanik Silver), I’ve been going through 2-3 of these incredible CD’s every day.

And today, on my way home from my deadlift workout at the gym, I listened to Dr. Qubein describe the “Director of WOW” that he hired at High Point University in North Carolina, where Dr. Qubein is the president.

The “Director of WOW” is responsible for removing all of the “un-wow” from the university campus, and for making the everyday experience of each student a WOW experience.

This made me think long and hard about the WOW in my business.

And about the people I know who create WOW…

First, there is my best Armenian buddy, Bedros Keuilian. He truly is the CEO of WOW in the personal trainer industry.

He’s had a marching band kick-off his seminars and he’s held 2-day mastermind groups at his office that literally TRIPLE a trainer’s business in less than 4 weeks.

Everything Bedros touches turns to WOW.

And you know what happens because of that?

You want to do more business with people who make you say, “Wow!”

There’s also Simon Black, another Master of Wow, an expert that delivers the most amazing, helpful, and generous amount of content in his industry. No other expert compares to the free info he gives out on a daily basis – or in the way in which he says it.

Everything Simon does is at the WOW level.

But what can you do to create some more WOW in your business?

Well, you could simply start by emailing every new affiliate and telling them that you’ll give them an extra 10% commission for every sale they make in the next month.

I guarantee that affiliate will say, “Wow! I want to do more business with this person. They are so generous!”

And you can follow up with ALL new customers and give them a free bonus 3-days after their order. That will make them say, “Wow! This expert really cares about me. I know that I will do more business with them in the future!”.

Wow, it’s that easy.

Now there’s one more aspect to think about…and that is removing the “un-wow” from your business.

Do you have slow customer service turnaround? That will make a client feel “un-wow” quickly.

Is your product download process a confusing nightmarish mess? That will increase customer service, and leave your new clients with a post-purchase feeling of un-wow remorse.

So turn up the “WOW” and turn down the “un-wow” in your business.

Become your own Director of Wow.

To your success,

Craig Ballantyne

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” – Nido Qubein