WordPress and Facebook QnA

I’m down in Cleveland at a Dan Kennedy marketing seminar where I’m learning the final few details on how to launch my new Turbulence Training Fat Loss Certification.

Whenever Kennedy writes a book or has a seminar, I order it or attend it. Every internet expert has learned from Dan at one point in their career.

The only problem with Dan’s seminars is that he insists on having the meeting room set at about 65 degrees Farenheit, so I was freezing all yesterday, and will be today too.

He may as well have held the seminar OUTSIDE.

I literally had to turn the heat up to 77 in my room and wear a bathrobe over my clothes to warm-up last night.

But I also got fired up reading your feedback to this week’s articles and I want to thank you for your comments and questions, including:

Q from Davis: Thanks for the wordpress site set-up tips, that will really help me get started. But what are plug-ins and what do you use them for?

“Plug-ins” are add-ons for a program that adds functionality to it.

So a basic wordpress site is cool, but you can you add plug-ins for all sorts of things, including to help your SEO and to eliminate the spam from your comments section.

Here’s a list of some of the plug-ins I use on my blogs.

1) All-in-One SEO Pack (to help with SEO, obviously)

2) Akismetor WP Spam-Free (to control spam blog comments)

3) SEO Friendly Images (helps your images get found in search)

4) Google XML Sitemaps (helps search engines search your blog)

5) Most Popular Posts (lists top posts in sidebar)

6) Simple Tagging (organizes posts into themes)

7) RSS Optimizer (allows people to join RSS Feed)

8] Pop-up Domination (a pop-up that helps you build your list)

9) Google Analytics (allows you to track your visitor stats)

10) WordPress Thread Comments (organizes comment replies)

11) Facebook Like Box (lists people who like your FB page)

12) Facebook Like Button (allows people to “Like” your posts)

13) WordPress Go-Get-Me-A-Cold-Beer (doesn’t exist, but should)

I’m sure this will stir up debate among the wordpress experts, add your suggestions to my list in the comments section.

Q from Allison: I see you have thousands of fans on your Turbulence Training Facebook fitness business page. Do you have any tips on using Facebook?

Facebook is certainly a topic we could spend a lot of time on, as there are many myths about how to best use it for your business.

First and foremost, the best way to use Facebook for making money is to use its advertising system to drive traffic to your website to make money.

Easier said than done, of course. That’s like saying just go and buy some google ads for your site to make money.

If you’ve ever tried that, you know it’s not something you figure out right away – let alone in a month or two.

But Facebook Fanpages are simple and easy to use, and help you connect with your prospects and clients, BUT…

…in no way do I think a Facebook Fanpage will make you rich.

A Facebook Fanpage can even suck up a ton of your time if you use it incorrectly.

(By the way, if you’re serious about using Facebook for your business, make sure you have a dedicated fanpage and not just a personal profile page.)

I’ll spend a full email on Facebook in the future – if you want – but I’ve run out of room for now. In the meantime, check out our new Internet Independence Fanpage here:

=> Internet Independence Fanpage

Currently I’m adding a daily tip that you won’t get through these daily emails (because the tip is so short).

If you want to see how I use my fitness fanpage (that has almost 10,000 fans), go here:

=> My Turbulence Training Fitness Fanpage <== Has more bells and whistles

Again, I’ll talk more about it in the future, but I want to close by saying that while a Facebook fanpage with thousands of fans sure can sound seductive, it won’t make you a fraction of the money you can make with the same sized email list.

Next Week: Copywriting tips to get you started.

Make some progress today,

Craig Ballantyne

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