37 Word Solution for Internet Marketing

I think I’ve narrowed this whole “internet thing” down to 37 words, and I’ll share those with you today. But first, a few quick answers to important questions.

Question: My site was hacked not too long ago. I got it fixed but now I see they are trying to hack it again. Do you know of any way to protect your web sites. – Jason

Answer: Try this:

=> http://wewatchyourwebsite.com/

Thanks to Mastermind member, Yuri Elkaim, from EatingForEnergy.ca, for sharing this resource:

Question: I’m an affiliate for a big product launch going on right now. It has two phases…a 3-day pre-launch followed by a 3-day launch. But there are 10 days between the pre-launch and the launch. Is  there any reason to promote the product launch in between the pre-launch and launch, or do you just leave it as ‘dead time’? – Brad

Answer: Great question.

In theory, you don’t have to do anything, but a savvy affiliate often creates their own bonus program to give away to everyone who buys the launched product through their affiliate link.

So…what you can do, is hype up your bonus content during the days between the pre-launch and the launch. Basically, pre-sell your bonus.

Question: What is the best way come up with a web business idea. I am stuck on a product (which I do not have) or service idea which i also do not have…Thanks – John

Hey John, the first thing you can do is check out my Product Creation posts here:


But really, what you need to do is figure out how to stand out.

And so these 37 words might constitute the most important advice I could give you in order to have the right mindset for building your own website business…

“Do you really think you couldn’t build a successful business by standing out and being the most helpful, giving, and caring person in your industry?

It’s so easy.

Just out-help everyone else in your market.

Start today.”

In addition, you want to identify a gap in the marketplace.

You want to come up with a product that doesn’t compete with everything else. In fact, the more “complimentary” you can make your product to other established businesses, the better off you might be.

Think about helping as many people as possible…including other businesses that you might originally view as competition.

Here’s one of my favorite Kekich Credos to guide you:

Always work on increasing the size of the pie, rather than just your portion.” – Kekich Credo #77


–    Think big. Think clearly.
–    Do joint ventures to help others.
–    Contact others to help them.
–    Promote the right resources to your list.
–    Teach others to teach yourself.
–    Do not be jealous, greedy or petty.
–    Help others. Helping them will only help you.

I hope that helps.

And now for the reader mail of the week (from a blog comment):

I am struggling with where and what exactly to do online. Your blog boasts this week and last have been excellent at kicking my butt and making me realize I need to choose one thing and go for it. I appreciate the honesty that your blog throws out to the world.

Your email is one of the first things I read in the morning. If more people wrote about online marketing with the candor that you do there would not be as many confused people making a mess of their sites. I say bring it on. Blunt honesty is the way to go.

You will never grow by beating around the bush. I have always believed that but sometimes with everything that goes on in life, I forget.
Thanks for reminding me.


Happy to help,

Craig Ballantyne

Give away everything and it will come back to you many fold.