Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now

In today’s essay, I pass along a bit of brilliance from Dan Kennedy. It helped me understand why, for example, harping on our lousy economy can be hurtful to your advertising.

After that, I explain why budgeting is no way to save money, where I get some of my best ideas, and why three squares a day might be making you fat.

And that’s just today. We’ve got a great rest-of-the-week lined up for you. Our expert contributors will be revealing some of the most important lessons they’ve learned.

Alex Green will inspire you with an essay about the only thing that really matters. Follow his advice and you’ll be able to say “I’ve led a good life” when you look back.

Clayton Makepeace, a featured speaker at this year’s Bootcamp, will explain the “generation gap” that affects marketing success. As he says, some fundamental things about selling will always be true. But you can’t use the same tactics today that you did in decades past. Or even a couple of years ago.

Success mentor Brian Tracy will show you how to overcome the bottlenecks that are keeping you from achieving your most important goals. What’s stopping you? It could be right in front of your nose.

And master copywriter John Forde will explain the difference between “need to tell” and “want to tell” in your advertising copy. This is essential reading for all business owners, marketers, and salespeople. (Which means everybody.) John will also help you “redline” the unnecessary cute and clever passages from your promotions.