Why You Need a Big Idea

I can now cross off Hong Kong and Bangkok from my list of cities to visit. Good times.

Plenty of action taking going on over here, and next week is a big meeting with fellow Maverick Vishin and his team at Mind Valley  in Kuala Lumpur.

But first, your questions…

Q: Hey Craig, Thanks for everything that your doing. I believe a true issue that I have is really realizing that there is a way to make a real business from marketing online and creating products.

With saying that, I’ve spent about three years just spinning my wheels with getting no where and getting frustrated.

What do you believe is the easiest way (grant it I have some experience) with building a business and making a profit that replaces your income on a steady basis without all the IM B.S.  and crap? – Greg

Answer: Greg,

The easiest way is to identify a big idea for your business.

The big idea allows you to connect to your prospects with deeper meaning and have a greater emotional impact. The big idea, essentially, is you being able to solve a problem that keeps them awake at night.

In order to do this, you must FULLY understand the prospect and their problem. You need to clearly comprehend the pain your prospect is in. Then you need to show them how your service/solution specifically solves their problem.

And you need to be able to concisely communicate this big idea in a matter of seconds.

You’ll recognize that as the old “elevator pitch” idea, meaning if you were stuck in the elevator with the CEO of a massive company that would be your dream business partner, would you be able to communicate your big idea to the CEO in the time it takes for you to go from the 10th floor to the 1st floor in that elevator ride?

As my friend Yanik Silver says in Maverick Business Rule #1: “It’s got to be a BIG idea that you, your team and your customers can “get” in seconds.”

Once you have that, you’ll be ahead of your competition because few people are willing to put in the time and mental energy into even thinking about this factor.

Q: I just became an FIM subscriber this week and was wondering if I could get details on the ETR mastermind group if it isn’t too late. – Dominic

Answer: The next one day event is June 8th in Denver. The first 5 attendees save $500.

Here’s the page to learn more and to reserve your spot

Q: I published an e-book last month and I contacted a payfor placement PR firm to help me line up radio interviews.

They said because I sell my ebook on a regular website,and am not on Amazon, I have little chance of success. Do you agree? – Sol

Answer: Sol,  I wouldn’t expect traditional PR to pay off in your situation. It would work better if your e-book was on Amazon.

Selling on Amazon is something I’ll be covering in a bonus report for Financial Independence Monthly later this month.

We’ve used several strategies to sell over 1,000 copies of my of my Goal Setting and Metabolic Resistance Training e-books on Amazon in the last month.

If you aren’t a member of Financial Independence Monthly, you can become a member on your own terms here.

Q: I just read your article on how you shouldn’t learn web design, but how do you do Internet Marketing if you dont know the technical aspect of it? – Elmir

Answer: Hire someone to do it for you. Even if you are just getting started, it’s possible to have someone do all the work for you for very little money.

I explain all of the steps you need to take in this month’s issue of Financial Independence Monthly.

Q: Any recommendations for shopping cart/eCommerce/merchant service providers? I am looking to sell a tangible product. Thanks! – Jared

Answer: 1shoppingcart.com or infusionsoft.com

Q: Craig,  I’m doing some work as an internet marketing intern for a small company that is, struggling to update their business practices to the 21st century online world.

As I’m planning a social media campaign, I’m trying to keep in mind that once I’m gone they are going to have to keep up with this stuff on their own. On that note, how do you find that “right” spot where you are maximizing the use of social media while not losing tons of time to it? – Josh

Answer: Josh,

Frankly, social media should be at the bottom of your list of things to do.

It’s fine to get them a Facebook page and show them how to update it, but make sure you are spending your time on the online aspects of the business that will

a) Drive revenue
b) Can be measured

Don’t get hung up on the over-romanticized world of social media.

The only people I know who are really making money from social media are the people who are buying ads from Facebook…and that’s not ‘really’ social media.

BTW, for anyone who didn’t get Rick Mulready’s report on FB ads, go here for free tips on using Facebook ads.

Good questions.

Now go take action,

Craig Ballantyne

“What do you want and what are you doing NOT to get it? Dr. Nido Qubein