Why I’m Excited About Bootcamp

Hey, Early to Risers!

Laura Rodini is in San Francisco meeting with some of our top copywriters, so she asked me to take over today’s issue of The Insider.

And you know what? It just might become a regular thing. Michael Masterson suggested it because, like Laura, I have the inside track on what’s going on here at ETR.

As you know, I’m the managing editor of Early to Rise. I make sure ETR goes out every day. That’s a lot of deadlines! But, along with the rest of the ETR team, I do a lot of other things around the office, as well, to make sure our customers not only get great newsletters but also great products.

One of our major tasks is brainstorming new product ideas, which we develop both in house and with outside experts. And we rigorously review any product that a partner wants to promote.

So, in this space, I’d like to pull back the curtain a bit on that process and tell you a little about some of our new products and what you can expect from us in the near future. I’ll also fill you in on how the latest news in the ETR world can help you.

| Why I’m Excited About Bootcamp |

November’s Info-Marketing Bootcamp will be my fourth.

I’m especially excited about this year’s event, because I get to hang out with some of our most successful readers – people who have used the lessons we teach in the ETR newsletter, our products, and at Bootcamp to seriously change their lives.

We’ve invited several of them to serve as Conference Ambassadors. And if you come to Bootcamp, I encourage you to seek them out. Ask them about their experiences and struggles. They will be there to help.

PJ McClure, a member of ETR’s Internet Money Club, is one of our Conference Ambassadors. PJ is known as “The Mindset Maven.” And earlier this year, he was able to quit his six-figure corporate day job to focus solely on his online ventures in self-development, success coaching, and personal achievement. You’ve probably read one of his essays in ETR.

But PJ didn’t make that leap without a plan. He’d actually struggled with the idea of going into business for himself for about 10 years. He finally got the spark he needed when he attended an ETR conference. He was skeptical when he walked in… but left the conference with all the practical knowledge in marketing and Internet business building that he needed to be a success.

Today, he has a list of over 1,700 names, is partnering with some of the top names in his niche, and, like I said, he was able to walk away from a six-figure day job.

What could attending an ETR conference do for you? Find out here.

| Not Letting Anything Get Him Down |

We got an e-mail last week from Marc Charles, who has worked with ETR since its early days.

He had some disturbing news. His home in Owl’s Head, Maine burned down after a lightning strike. We were relieved to hear that Marc, his wife, and the kids were all safe and sound. But to lose everything in an instant like that… I can’t imagine.

But Marc has already bounced back. We’ve always known him to be cheery and optimistic, and he’s really showing that these days.

He assured us that, despite the loss of his home, he will continue to keep up with members of his China Wholesale Trader program… and won’t miss any of his deadlines. He even submitted an essay for our Liberty Street League premium newsletter!

How is he able to do this? It’s because almost all the work he does is online. You give him an Internet connection (he’s working out of a friend’s house for now), and he’s set.

Insurance money will take care of rebuilding the house. But being an online entrepreneur certainly makes this transition period easier for him and his family.

Marc is working on several new product ideas for Early to Rise, following up on the success of his China Wholesale Trader program. And he’s promised us an essay about his recent experiences… and how he was able to turn a tragic situation into a positive one so quickly.

We’re looking forward to it, Marc.


| The Golden Ticket |

As soon as I get this issue of The Insider posted, I’ll be downstairs in the ETR conference room working with members of the Internet Money Club. They’ve come to Delray Beach for our Golden Ticket meeting. It’s like a mastermind session. Plus, they’ll be getting personalized help from the ETR team, and, of course, IMC Director Brian Edmondson.

These folks were just wannabe entrepreneurs a few months ago. And now, every one of them has a website. And by the time the program is over, they’ll have all the skills they need to build a profitable Internet business. We don’t promise to set up everything up for them… we teach them to do it themselves. (Like the old “Teach a man to fish” adage…)

The current IMC class is underway right now, so you’ll have to wait a few months for your chance. We’ll let you know when we open registration for the next class. Stay tuned.


| Your Chance to Get First Dibs |

The team over at Investor’s Daily Edge has just opened the “hot list” for one of their investment programs.

It’s based on a trading secret that has nothing to do with “typical” investments like stocks, bonds, or real estate. But they tell me it could put steady “small” chunks of cash into your pocket every few days — whether the market is up or down. The best part is that you don’t have to risk a lot of money.

To become a “Fast Action VIP” eligible for a discount when the program opens up — and to claim the instant free bonus they’re offering to those who sign  up — just go here.


| If You’re Going to San Francisco… |

As I mentioned, Laura Rodini is in San Francisco today. And she asked me to pass this message on:

From: Laura Rodini
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2010 11:07 AM
To: Jason Holland
Subject: Hi Jason!

Guess what — we made it to San Francisco and are having lunch today at E&O Trading Company — the corn fritters look delicious. Sarah saw it on the Food Network, and we have to check it out.Hi Jason! How are things going back at the office? 🙂

(By the way thanks to Thomas for correcting me. SF natives say “Frisco” — which I used in my last column — makes me sound like a tourist!)

Tonight we’re having dinner at Tomasso. I wanted to thank Beth B for writing in about it — that’s EXACTLY the place I was thinking of!!

“Bundle up, it’s cold and windy as always in the summer there,” Lee told me. Truer words were never spoken. But after the South Florida heat, this feels so refreshing.

Michael C. suggested visiting Mocca On Maiden Lane. We’ll check it out tomorrow — the Italian sandwiches look delicious!

And Bonny said we should be sure to visit Alamo Square, where the famed Pink Ladies Row Houses are. “Although now they’re back to the authentic stone, gray and blue Victorian colors,” she explained.

“I live really close to there, so perhaps I’ll run into you! I’ve enjoyed the ETR Newsletter tremendously. Thank you for all of your good work!”

The pleasure’s mine, Bonny! It’s readers like you that make our newsletter so fun.


| We Want to Hear From You |

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