Why I Bought the Same Exact Shoes Twice

Here’s one company that knows the best person to sell shoes to is… someone who just bought shoes.

About two months ago, I bought a pair of Doc Martens on sale at Zappos.com. They’ve got an extremely shopper-friendly website – and good prices too.

Last week, I received this e-mail:

“Just wanted to let you know, we’ve got just one pair of your shoes remaining in stock. After that, we’ll never have these again.”

I ordered them that minute.

It goes back to Michael Masterson’s concept of the “Buying Frenzy,” which he explained in his book Ready, Fire, Aim:

“If you want to maximize the lifetime value of your new customer, you shouldn’t let him cool off after that first sale. Instead, you should send him an immediate thank-you note, along with a bounce-back promotion that replicates the psychological trappings of the prior purchase and stimulates in him, once again, the desire to buy something from you.”

“This is not about high-pressure selling… but about putting the customer in an environment where he can do what he wants to do: Buy once and then keep buying!”

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