A recent study found that 2008’s media coverage of the financial crisis was all about big government and big business. Small-business issues merited just 5 percent of the total.

Newspapers and magazines and television experts were almost entirely focused on the auto industry, bank bailouts, and stimulus plans. And most of the research and reporting was done in New York or Washington. Very little of it was done out here where most of us live and work.

This is a sort of conspiracy of silence.

Big government isn’t interested in small business. Why? Because entrepreneurs don’t have enough lobbyists in Washington. And because the media has no idea of how important small business is to economic growth.

Mom-and-pop businesses are going bankrupt by the thousands, but you’ll almost never hear about it because nobody in New York or Washington cares.

But screw them. It doesn’t matter. We are the blood and bone of business in America. We will renew ourselves and we will get strong again.

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