What You Need to Know Today: May 8

Good evening, Early Risers




Facebook launches new in-app purchase install. Why do we care? This is a win-win-win for Facebook, direct marketers, and customers. Previously, app ads required Facebook users to download the app and find the advertised product before a purchase could be made. Now, when you see an ad in your Facebook News Feed, you can click the ad and be re-directed straight to the advertised product within the app. Read more here.

LinkedIn adds new analytic component to its articles. LinkedIn’s publishing platform has just made it so authors can view how many people are reading their articles. A useful metric both to readers (you know what’s trending) and to authors (people are reading what you wrote).


What we can learn from “selfish” millennials. “…millennials want reporters to clearly state why a story matters to them. This is the selfish side of millennials we hear so much about. But it’s a good idea for reporters to understand to keep readers engaged longer,” writes Jenny Surane editor-in-chief of The Daily Tar Heel. Read Jenny’s full article on the challenges information overload is presenting and how we can adapt.

Personal Development

What do I know now I wish I knew at 22? A question everyone loves to ask but do we really need to? MD David L. Katz published an article on LinkedIn’s #ifIwere22 thread where he revealed a surprising answer to this popular question. After giving his answer, Katz said this, “…knowing about mistakes does not reliably indicate how to avoid them, or even that they should be avoided.” He follows this up by revealing his “biggest mistake” he’s ever made. Read Dr. Katz post here.

What to get your mother for Mother’s Day. In case you forgot, this Sunday is Mother’s Day (you’re welcome). The best gifts for mom are always the simplest. A hand-made card, flowers, free-hugs/dishes/laundry coupons… Here’s a list of some funny and heart-warming gifts only a mother can love. You might even score some brownie points if you share this article with your mom – I’m sure she can relate.



May 8th, 1963 Sean Connery stars in his first James Bond movie. What was it called?

Click here for answer.

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