What You Need to Know Today: May 5

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Microsoft one-ups Google with Office 2016’s new co-authoring feature. Late yesterday, Microsoft let the public download a preview of Office 2016. One change everyone is talking about is Office 2016’s new real-time co-authoring in Word. While Microsoft and Google both support co-authoring on the web, this extends the same collaboration feature to the desktop apps in Office 2016 (The Verge).


Cleanly solves a dirty problem big city dwellers face. Not having access to laundry machines in an apartment building is a common problem a lot of people in big city’s face. If you’re like me and can’t relate, you’ll still appreciate the genius behind this man’s solution. Think Uber but for your laundry. This is another great example of creating a business out of frustration not passion. Here’s a guide on how to become a problem solver.

How to avoid the sales equivalent of the “Friend Zone.” The only reason the “Friend Zone” exists is because intentions are unclear. In Grant Cardone’s latest blog series Sales Tweaks he explains how to avoid this common trap many salesmen and single guys fall into: When I start a presentation I make my intention clear to the prospect: “Thanks for your time today; my goal is to have my product in your company’s hands by the end of this week.” This technique works beautifully and here’s why.

Personal Development

The Memo’s Live Election Monitor will keep you informed in the UK’s general election. If House of Cards and the Good Wife have taught us anything, social media plays a huge role in election campaigns. The Memo is a new news publication who’s teamed up with Buzz Radar – a real-time social media data authority – to give readers the most up to date and trending news on the UK’s 2015 general election.

What makes people happy has changed since 1938. Sandie McHugh is the psychologist who has recreated a famous happiness study conducted in Bolton almost 80 years ago. The 1938 study ranked: security, knowledge and religion as being the three most important aspects of happiness. Click here to find out what has changed almost 80 years later.

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