What You Need to Know Today: June 8

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Here’s what you need to know today


Here’s what’s missing at Apple’s WWDC.  New versions of iOS and OS X, new streaming music service, revamped iTunes Radio, and Apple Pay rewards program are all talking points at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference the next five days. But, “…rumors indicated Apple would also introduce a new Apple TV set-top box and a new subscription television service at the event, but those plans have been shelved as Apple’s TV products are not yet ready to be unveiled.” (Macrumors). Do we really care? No. Read what millennials really think of Apple TV and their surprising reasons for cutting the cord.

“Siri, how many calories are in a banana?” Answer: 105. Here’s a list of 13 cool things Siri can do for you you probably never knew.


“What’s the income or experience difference when comparing a 29- versus 30-year career?…Likely not more than the nominal cost of becoming more cultured and making lifelong memories,” says Christina Lavingia, Forbes contributor. A lot of recent graduates face the decision to travel or jump into their careers following college. Here’s what to consider.

Hacking the internship process is a lot like hacking online dating. “In order to differentiate myself from my peers, I realized the key was to reverse engineer and hack the internship process. This process is similar to the one described by Amy Webb’s Ted Talk, ‘How I Hacked Online Dating,’” says Zach Shleien who landed his dream job after securing an internship using this step-by-step approach.

Personal Development

Informed voters are just as clueless as uninformed voters. “An informed voter rarely knows anything firsthand, the way we know the sky is blue and the sun rose this morning. Everything she knows is taken on trust; an informed voter is only as good as her information sources.” (Vox). Pew research compared millennials vs. Gen Xers vs. Baby Boomers and found no significant differences in the three generation’s levels of trust for news sources but found a notable difference in how all three generations consumed their political news. What’s more it appears informed voters may not be better voters. Full story.


Escape Artists

June 8th, 2015 New York Times – Two murderers escaped from a maximum-security prison in New York, near the Canadian border, using power tools to drill out of their cells.

On June 8th, 1968 who was the escaped American convict, arrested in London, England, on charges of the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.?

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