What You Need to Know Today: June 5

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Android M preview offers some nice privacy features. “the days of agreeing to permissions before you’d even used an app are over, or at least they will be down the road.” (Engadget). One new feature Android M offers is the ability to turn off individual in-app permissions. Don’t want AirBnB having access to your photos? You can turn it off.

Instapaper launches annotation tool. The popular bookmarking app announced today users will be able to annotate text in articles and share via social media…another way for your mom to post embarrassing quotes on your Facebook timeline…Full update.


Re: Welcome to the Jungle. No fun and games for Wall Street’s summer interns. An email leaked yesterday by the WSJ is getting mixed reactions. The ‘10 Power Commandments,’ written by a second year Barclay’s banker, offers advice on how to survive the summer on Wall Street. Some are obvious jokes but others might hold some truth (#3). Here are some serious tips on how to survive a summer internship.

Make Wanderlust look good on your resume. Share this with your friends. Remote Year is a one year program giving you a chance to travel to 12 different countries with 100 other people while keeping your current job. Read more here.

Personal Development

Reading this font will help you better understand dyslexia. Last year Daniel Britton was diagnosed with dyslexia. After a frustrating experience explaining his condition to teachers and classmates, Britton designed a font using Helvetica (the most readable font) to help his peers better understand his problem. “When I showed it to classmates, they were suddenly like, ‘Oh! Okay. I get it,'” he says. “Which is all I needed to hear.” Britton’s font called Dyslexia, landed him a job this summer re-designing dyslexia awareness campaigns in London.

This tech-savvy, Farmer’s Market-shopping, gym membership-toting group will drink you under the table. Bloomberg business published a disappointing (not mad) article on Every Time a Fraternity or Sorority Got in Trouble This Year. This raises the question: are millennials worse than the John Belushi and Steve Stiffler era party animals? No direct evidence to support that yes, Gen-Y is worse, but on average cyber millennials drink way more than generations past.


On Saturday, the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada tournament kicks off in Edmonton. What year was the first FIFA Women’s Wolrd Cup tournament?

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