What You Need to Know Today: June 22

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Swift response from Apple. “We don’t ask you for free iPhones. Please don’t ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation.” Taylor Swift made it clear on Sunday explaining why she will be withholding her most recent album, “1989” from Apple’s new music streaming service. In less than 24 hours after Taylor’s letter was published, Apple responded on Twitter, saying, “#AppleMusic will pay artist for streaming, even during customer’s free trial period.” Taylor Swift’s David vs Goliath triumph is not what we should pay attention too. This shows how big an opportunity Apple has to own the music streaming biz. But only if it takes a Go-Giver approach explained at the bottom here.

Page turners trigger more royalties. If a catchy hook in a Taylor Swift song is enough to put more money in indie artists’s pockets. Why should a page turning book not do the same for self-publishing authors? We hear you @SelfPublishingAmazonKindleDirectAuthors. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform announced it will compensate compelling storytellers more with a change to how it pays out royalties. Authors might consider taking a page out of the hollywood story book.


“the voice of Gen Y” sold. On Friday, Elite Daily was bought by the most-read English language newspaper website in the world. Started as a passion-project for 21-year-old college student, David Arabov, Elite Daily has grown into a 65-person team with an audience of over 74 million readers. Here’s who bought the voice of Gen Y for an estimated $40-50 million.

EDM music scene’s untapped potential. This past weekend, thousands of EDM fans gathered in Las Vegas for the Electric Daisy Carnival music festival. According to new research, while females make up 45% of American EDM fans, women DJs get just 6% of the bookings. “The data is saying these female DJs are just as powerful as male DJs, but there isn’t parity when it comes to booking…it presents the EDM industry with an opportunity: Female DJs would be a valuable addition to music festivals.” Read the full article on the rise of EDM.

Personal Development

Why the kid’s menu is so alluring. “Stepping away from the wood-grilled matsutake mushrooms with nasturtium agrodolce, and towards an uncomplicated hunk of meat is the gastronomic equivalent of collapsing into your bed at the end of a long day,” says Helen Rosner, features editor at Eater. Less is often more, especially when it comes to food. Here’s why the kid’s menu is so alluring – lessons every entrepreneur should learn about doing simple well.

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