What You Need to Know Today: July 8

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Here’s what you need to know


How to score with fans. Stopping fans from live-streaming at pro sporting events is a waste of time and resources, here’s why. A better solution is for pro sports teams and tournaments to encourage live-streaming, acknowledge fans will do it anyway, and take advantage of the opportunity by offering exclusive content to these super fans. This past week Wimbledon has been showing us the potential of live-streaming apps in sports.

How to score with a celebrity. Tinder just announced verified accounts. “While the verified profiles will undoubtedly protect against catfishing and opportunistic lookalikes, they’re also commodifying dating to the next level by placing added values to certain users’ profiles.” This seemingly small change is a huge win for Tinder. Tinder has gone from just a regular dating app to Jackson Pollock status.

Uber is testing “suggested pickup points.” On Monday, I shared a story with you about Uber potentially adopting recommended pickup locations. Today, this idea is real…


Young money. Only 13 percent of millennials want to climb the corporate ladder in pursuit of the C-suite. Yet, 66 percent of millennials cite starting their own business as a top goal. Maybe because of all the millennial success stories we’re now seeing. Here are 8 startups that turned these millennials into millionaires. One millennial you won’t find on this list but has built several 7-figure businesses online is this 24-year old.

The eHarmony of mentoring. “We’ve taken an “eHarmony” approach to mentor matching, and combined it with actionable intelligence and innovative mobile technology.” If you’re looking for a mentor GetMentorMe.com could be your answer. Why should you be looking? Read this.

Millennial CEO problems. It’s easy to understand why a policy would limit what employees can and cannot say on behalf of the company on social media. But what about policies that affect employees personal opinions, not related to the company, shared on their own time? I think most of us would like to believe a company policy should not affect an employee’s right to post personal opinions, but in reality there’s a compelling case for why it should. This is one of many new challenges millennial entrepreneurs will face in the future.


The worst way to breakup with someone. If you thought breaking up through text was bad…this is worse. A new trend in the dating world called Ghosting is when one partner decides they’re done and goes radio silent, leaving their partner in the lurch. What’s maybe even worse than Ghosting is the Insta-dump <= ruthless. And the cherry on top for the Insta-dump is finding out you were dumped not just in 640px, but 1080p, #nofilter.

The 30 year sweatshirt. A good example of taking something old and turning it into something new is the 30 Year Sweatshirt project. You’ve probably heard your parents complain about how they don’t make clothes [insert anything] like they used to. And they’re right. Like the trend we’re seeing now with food, millennials are willing to pay premium prices for quality goods. 24-year-old Tom Cridland, founder of the 30 Year Sweatshirt understands this, here’s the full story.

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