What You Need to Know Today: July 6

Good afternoon, Early Risers!

Here’s what you need to know


“It’s complicated” for guys using this dating app. Men everywhere are dropping Hinge faster than Donald Trump’s sponsors, after the dating app announced it would disclose users’s relationship statuses. What’s the issue? According to research, 42% of dating app users are already in relationships…awkward. “It’s unclear how many of the 450 departures were directly tied to relationship statuses, but this week’s numbers were 40% higher than the usual male attrition rate,” Hinge’s vice president of marketing, Karen Fein. Look to see about 449 guys change their Facebook relationship status from “Married” or “Engaged” to “It’s complicated” this week.

+ Cheating apps are apparently a thing.

Uber recommended pickup locations coming soon… “Walking 15 seconds around the corner or across the street to a better spot could cut five minutes off waiting to get picked up on or the journey,” suggests Josh Constine of Tech Crunch. “Lyft has already taken a step towards this idea with its Lyft Line HotSpots.” If you use Uber or Lyft, you will appreciate this.

Always late, but worth the wait. Pro athletes are stoked today because their favorite portable camera company just announced its first new camera since 2006. GoPro’s new lighter-weight, cube-shaped, Hero4 Session camera will hit stores July 12. If you don’t know the interesting birth story of GoPro, read this.


“Germany has never repaid.” On Sunday, Greece voted “no” to enduring more austerity in exchange for a new round of bailout funding. Not surprising, it was millennial voters who were by far the most in favor of a “no” vote – here’s why. Related: Thomas Piketty, considered one of the most influential economists in the world, called for a major conference on debt, calling out Germany.

+  The latest country that pays you to borrow money.

Amazon’s answer to Black Friday. Amazon wants to “trump” Black Friday by offering more deals introducing Prime Day on July 15th. The reason why? Amazon celebrates its 20th anniversary. This is a brilliant sales strategy by the e-commerce giant. Here’s why it’s so good and how you can use the same strategy in your business.


Message for anyone afraid of the future. “Even if it was a PR stunt, Clinton’s message gave enough people the feels to make her comment go as viral as the photo itself.” (Mic). A photo of a gay teen posted on Humans of New York’s Facebook page has gone viral. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton posted a comment on the boy’s picture with good advice anyone scared of the future can take.

How to make your vacations memorable. New York Mag published an article that explains how to maximize your vacation happiness. One of the most interesting tips they share is about timing. Here are the two most important days that make your trips memorable.

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