What You Need to Know Today: July 23

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Here’s what you need to know


How to work from anywhere in the world. In June, I showed you how to make wanderlust look good on your resume. Today, you’re getting the essential toolkit for digital nomads, courtesy of Stephanie Walden. Walden has been experimenting with working remotely through the Remote Year project, and she has some good tips and tools to share.

+ I bet you didn’t know your iPhone could do that. Apple published a nifty little guide for iOS 8 users. Bookmark this. It will be updated regularly.

Forgot your keys? Google will literally help you retrace your steps.


For the guy in the office who does CrossFit… Quartz explains the deceptively simple business plan that makes CrossFit so much money. Inadvertently, it’s the same business plan that’s making physiotherapists and chiropractors rich also 😉

This is not an ordinary online course. Seth Godin’s altMBA is now accepting applicants. What is it? An intensive, five-week immersion program designed to accelerate professionals as they become change agents for the future. Here’s the course in a nutshell.

Jobs are a scam. New York State is expected to order an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour for fast-food workers over the next few years (NYTimes). Good or bad news? Economists have been arguing about this awhile now. The truth is if you want to become rich this discussion should not concern you. Here’s why and what you should do instead.

+ But the “Chipotlife” is expensive…Do what this guy did and start a blog.


Top of meme is top of mind. Sandra Bland’s story has been all over the news lately. Bland was a black female who was pulled over, put in jail, and then found dead in her jail cell, three days later. The story is sad and proving to be controversial. Dave Pell explains how stories like this catch media momentum.

Fire up the grill! It’s National Hot Dog Day. Here’s 9 of the best grassfed hot dogs money can buy.

+ You’ll love this: the struggle is real for some hot dog lovers.


Dr. Seuss has a new book coming out that was found in a box. Yep. What you probably don’t know about the Dr. is that he disliked kids…

He once said in an interview, “You have ‘em, I’ll amuse ‘em.” His widow Audrey even went so far as to say Seuss was afraid of children. She said he was always thinking, “What might they do next? What might they ask next?” She added, “He couldn’t just sit down on the floor and play with them.”

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