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What You Need to Know Today: December 4

Good afternoon, Early Risers!

Here’s what you need to know


“In four years, he gets a driver’s license. We don’t want him to have to,” says Chris Urmson head of Google’s self-driving car program. On July 16, 1969 when Neil Armstrong took “…one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,” ‘Merica was declared the winner of the space race. The Atlantic’s Adrienne Lafrance explains why self-driving cars are this century’s space race. #longreads.

From the Web. Can you guess who the world’s biggest content discovery tool is? Google? Facebook? Bing? (haha). Nope. It’s Taboola. Never heard of Taboola? You’ve definitely clicked on a Taboola-sponsored post like this (scroll to the bottom). Taboola CEO Adam Singolda spoke with Fast Company about what content performs best on Taboola.

Zuckerberg just bought 26 days of world peace. On Wednesday, I told you why Mark Zuckerberg is NOT donating his fortune to charity. Today, I want to draw your attention to another critical point made by Simon Black founder of Sovereign Man, “Mark Zuckerberg just screwed the US government out of billions of dollars of tax revenue… Given the $560.3 billion budgeted for National Defense and $58.6 billion for Overseas Contingency Operations this year, the Zuckerbergs’ $45 billion tax reduction just bought the world 26 days of world peace.” Read the full article.


Do you have — a career, a job, or a calling? “Your answer to this question is crucial,” says Jessica Dang, writer behind the blog Minimal Student. “It can determine whether or not your life’s work is contributing to you living to your full potential.” Jessica is one of our millennial go-getters the Daily Brief will be featuring. She has a degree in Business Management from the University of Leeds, has worked for the central government in Whitehall, London (the UK equivalent to Capitol Hill) and at the British Embassy in Tokyo. Her passion for technology and entrepreneurship has led to her current position managing an Engineering Consulting division for a FTSE 250 company in Manchester, UK, where she also lives… all before the age of 25. In today’s feature, Jessica gives us an academic look into the significance our careers, jobs, and callings have on our life satisfaction.This is a must-read for any twenty-something.

One simple email trick generated over $100,000 in sales. In August, Daily Briefreaders learned about the hidden costs of venture capital funding from founder Sol Orwell. Sol’s latest post explains in detail how one simple email trick he used at generated over $100,000 in sales. Read more.


Rent is too damn high! How to negotiate your rent step-by-step. Step #1: Know What You Want — “If you walk into a rental negotiation without a number — the rent you want — you’re at the mercy of a landlord. Most likely they won’t even entertain the conversation,” says Ramit Sethi.

The anti-aging drug that lets you live to 120 years old. “Humans may be one step closer to finding the Fountain of Youth — sort of. Researchers will begin testing Metformin, a medication used to treat diabetes, as an anti-aging drug in a clinical trial next year,” says Mic.

+ Here’s how to be a heroNew parents will love this!

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Tomorrow is International Volunteer Day! 

“International Volunteer Day is a chance for volunteer-involving organizations and individual volunteers to promote their contributions to development at local, national and international levels.”

Tomorrow is also the annual Toys for Tots drive where ETR joins forces with friends and affiliates to buy toys for underpriviledged kids in Denver. If you want to help,you can donate here.

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