What You Need to Know Today: August 7

Your Early to Rise daily briefing. Today, Uber for fertility, the secret to controlling your days, the “Dating Apocalypse” and more.

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Apple.com gets a facelift. A redesign of Apple.com that went live today removed the standalone ‘Store’ tab, and the ‘store.apple.com’ domain entirely. This is an enormous change for one of the biggest online retail stores in the world, says Tech Crunch. Why? Because research shows we’re becoming more comfortable making big purchases on mobile. Turning the buying experience into a single-page affair is what all online retailers should do. Your goal is to make the sales process as seamless as possible. Just ask Jeff Bezos how Amazon’s 1-click buy button is doing?

Uber of fertility. “…one in eight couples has trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. And Allied Market Research projects that fertility will be a $21.6 billion business globally by 2020” (Fortune). Here’s a look at an emerging market millennial parents and entrepreneurs should pay attention to.

+ Merci beaucoup. Two foreign language apps for traveling abroad.


Why working-class voters love Donald Trump. Yesterday, the first GOP debate kicked off in Cleveland, OH. Highlights here. Whether you’re for or against Trump, we can all learn something about his sales pitch.

+ Who said it: Donald Trump or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Frank Reynolds.

The hidden costs of VC funding. You’re young, ambitious, and have a burning idea that will make you rich. If you raise enough money to make your dream a reality, you’ll be set. At least that’s what most startup founders believe. Not everyone should seek venture capital funding. Sol Orwell, a millennial entrepreneur making seven-figures is a great example why this is true.

How to win a trip to Sir Richard Branson’s private island. Shopify’s Build a Business contest just ended and these 6 startups won a five-day business workshop held on Richard Branson’s private Necker Island, taught by Branson himself with help from mentors including Shark Tank’s Daymond John, Seth Godin and Tim Ferriss.

What makes a successful startup?You know that old saw about a plane flying from California to Hawaii being off course 99% of the time—but constantly correcting? The same is true of successful startups—except they may start out heading toward Alaska.” – Evan Williams


Revealed: the secret to controlling your day. The word “busy” is a hot topic. I’d go as far as saying some lifestyle bloggers are now “busy-shaming” others. If someone asks you “how are you?” and your response is “I’m busy,” you’re not in control of your days, they say. True enough, however changing your vocabulary to not use the word “busy,” doesn’t really solve the problem. If you want total control over your time, here’s what you do: follow this young gun’s advice.

“Dating Apocalypse” Is Tinder’s hookup culture the end of dating? I don’t think so.

+ Attention all app developers. “Apps that aren’t meant for dating are always used for dating. That’s a good thing – for dating, and for apps.

Coming this fall… Daily Bodyweight Workouts Recovery Dinner and a Netflix Pairing Recipes.


The world has 3 kinds of “falsehoods” – Jon Stewart explains (uncensored).

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