What You Need to Know Today: December 23

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Google is testing password-free logins. “You only have to enter your email address when you’re signing into your Google account. Afterward, a notification will appear on your phone asking you if you’re trying to sign in from another device. Approve the login by tapping ‘yes,’ and you’re in,” says TechCrunch.

+ 11 tech gifts you still have time to buy.


Cautionary tale. “Back in 2013, I had two months of cash left. I was almost out of money, but I decided to take a risk. I put everything on the line. I spent $61,423 on the world’s top traffic experts. They couldn’t fix my problem. After burning through tens of thousands of dollars in savings to jumpstart my company, things were NOT clicking like I thought they would. My business had originally taken off through referrals. They just rolled in. So I thought marketing would be just as easy. I was wrong.” Russ Ruffino founder of Clients on Demand went from $10,000 per month to $200,000 in 30 days, but it was no cake walk. He explains in detail the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Your new business side chick. “If blogging takes ages and ads don’t work, is there an alternative that doesn’t cost money or annoy people? An alternative that brings quick traction and results? The answer is YES. Indeed, this alternative has been bringing millions of website visitors to those who were quick enough to get the hang of it. Welcome to the world of side project marketing, an underrated alternative between advertising and content marketing that is just starting to take over the world,” says Ali Mese.

How to get rich as an employee by Mark Ford. “If you are an employee now and are wondering about the feasibility of getting rich… you can do it. But as an employee, there is really only one way to get rich… You must first make your boss richer. And if he has a boss, you must make him richer, as well. Your ultimate goal is to make the owner of the company much richer — and the only way to do that is to make the company much more profitable. So how do you do that?” Read more.

+ The Best of 2015: Mark Ford edition.


Beware of the brunette in the background. “Alec Baldwin is insanely talented and to work with him for seven years [on Emmy Award-winning comedy 30 Rock] was an education. He’s a great actor, but also he would tell me wonderful ‘Old Hollywood’ things I loved. Like, if we were shooting in a crowd, he would say, ‘Don’t have a good-looking brunette behind you in a shot.’ He’s very male — he rivals Mad Men’sDon Draper as one of the most truly masculine characters in the last 20 years. When you work with someone that long you get a comfort around them, but [with us] there’s this oppositeness that makes it spark.” Tina Fey is December’s cover story atNet-A-Porter. She shares some great career and life advice. One of her goals in 2016 is to stop apologizing. Full story.

The thirst for Steph Curry is real. “National Basketball Association superstar Stephen Curry has a new beverage endorsement deal — and it’s not with Coke, Pepsi or another soda. Instead, the Golden State Warrior is backing water filtration brand Brita,” says AdAge.

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Behind Claude’s Doors

France’s most famous brothel keeper died yesterday at the age of 92.

“In 1960s Paris she became known as the world’s most exclusive madam, whose client list was said to include John Kennedy, de Gaulle, Onassis, and multiple Rothschilds, and whose beautiful and cultivated girls often went on to marry wealth, power, and prestige. But among the many secrets Madame Claude kept, perhaps the greatest were her own. William Stadiem, who knew the elusive Claude in the 1980s, follows her trail to the South of France.” — Vanity Fair

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