What You Need to Know Today: December 16

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Get ready for Uber — but for friends. Friendship as service will be a thing in 2016 predicts Frog, a global strategy and design firm. Last year, Frog predicted drones, VR, and self-driving cars would be big in 2015. Look how that turned out… Here are 10 more tech trends Frog is predicting in 2016.

Reddit moderators are doing ‘God’s work.’ If you’re afraid to open Reddit today for fear of Star Wars spoilers. Don’t worry. Reddit moderators have your back.

+ These two web apps will protect you from spoilers too.


Hurry up! I don’t want to miss the trailers. Star Wars and the Internet are forever changing how we advertise and market movies. “We’re now making advertising for advertising, a teaser for the actual teaser, which is an advertisement for a movie,” says Shawn Yashar of trailer shop Transit. We know the movie-trailer biz is booming. But, Star Wars is showing us just how effective this drip-style marketing for movies has become. However this could not be done without the Internet. Here’s why.

If you don’t have time to read this… read it twice. An email intended for Googler-eyes only is making its round on the Internet this week. Jeremiah Dillon — the guy who wrote the email — is the head of product marketing at Google Apps for Work. Dillon wanted to share some advice on time management strategy with co workers, so he sent out a company-wide email. The response his email got was huge. Read the original here.


What could go wrong? College students are broke and their latest scheme to make some extra cash is renting out their dorm rooms on Airbnb. Fast Company’s Sarah Kessler says, “A fraternity house in Philadelphia, meanwhile, used Airbnb to offer $75 per night housing during the Pope’s visit to the city last September. ‘Looking for accommodations in Philadelphia while the Pope is in town?’ its description read.‘Want to relive your glory college days of living in a Frat House? Well, now you can accomplish both in one stay.’” Haha, not a bad ad. Read more.

Selling air is a thing now in China. Pollution in China has gotten so bad that people are literally selling clean air. One Canadian company started bottling fresh Rocky Mountain air (as a joke) and then realised the potential market when rising pollution levels in China left them out of stock. Even local Chinese restaurants are starting to add “clean air charges” to patrons’ bills, justifying the cost of running multiple air purifiers.

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Bacon: 1 Lettuce: 0

A new study finds that greenhouse gas emissions from lettuce production are three times higher per calorie than from bacon. How can that be?

“Lettuce is so low in calories that someone would need to eat at least two whole iceberg lettuces to get close to the calorie intake of two rashers of smoked back bacon. As a result, the emissions from transporting bulky lettuces are far higher per calorie than those from pork,” says the Telegraph.

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