What You Need to Know Today: August 13

Your Early to Rise daily briefing. Today, Samsung announces two new smartphones, why you should steal this guy’s app, what not to do when you’re rejected and more.

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Samsung announced two brand new phones. Samsung announced today the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+. Business Insider gives us a look at 11 things the new Samsung smartphones can do that the iPhone 6 can’t.

Twitter removes 140-character limit on DMs. This is bad news. Being able to express your point in under 140-characters takes skill and careful thought. There’s no beating around the bush. I don’t know many people who use Twitter for group convos, like you would use Facebook messenger, so removing the 140-character limit on direct messages sounds like a nightmare to anyone who gets solicited on regular basis. If you’re interested in learning how to write short sentences, I highly recommend reading Verlyn Klinkenborg’s book Several Short Sentences About Writing.

College is about status, not knowledge.  A story that’s escalated quickly has been the Wikipedia war over Google’s new CEO, Sundar Pichai. The controversy is regarding Pichai’s Alma Matter. “At one point he’d apparently gone to seven different schools and universities – with one primary school claiming he attended at the age of 20,” says Wired. Who cares? Apparently, Universities and Colleges do. This is an example of why you hear people say college is about status, not knowledge. There’s nothing wrong with paying for status. Would investors have taken Mark Zuckerberg seriously had he not gone to Harvard? Probably not. James Altucher has some solid advice on why he recommends you don’t send your kids to college. Just note: he’s not saying don’t go to college, just don’t pay for your kids to go to college.


Steal this guy’s app, seriously. This is the most fascinating article I’ve read this week. Ideas are a dime a dozen and you should not be mad if someone steals your idea. Instead, you should pull out your wallet and be their first customer. <= One of the best ways to validate an idea.

Is Hollywood leaving money on the table? Hollywood has a terrible diversity problem. There are stats to prove it. But movies are art, and think artists should be allowed to fulfill their artistic vision any which way they please, even if it’s not politically correct. However, if you’re a production company and a lack of diversity is leaving money on the table, this problem should concern you. Mic has the full story.

A good indicator of changing career values. Millennial MBAs would rather intern at this little-known startup than McKinsey, says Quartz. Find out why.


What NOT to do when you get rejected. Tinder freaked out Tuesday night after the Vanity Fair article I shared with you here was published. Since, Tinder has acknowledged they overreacted, but it makes it clear what’s really wrong with hook up culture.

Coddling the American mind. Universities are becoming breeding grounds for soft adolescents. The Atlantic explains the psychological impact coddling has on American students.

+ 2016 future graduates should read this.

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