What You Need to Know Today: April 23

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Facebook introduces a social calling app ‘Hello’. The app is only for Android phone users (iOS doesn’t give apps the necessary phone permissions). How is ‘Hello’ different than the Android dialer? ‘Hello’ syncs all your contacts from Facebook to your phone so you can call Facebook friends too. If you didn’t have caller ID before, you will now. You will also be able to call businesses who list their phone number publicly on Facebook in the app by typing the name.

Say ‘Hello’ to Google ‘Fi’… Google unveiled Wednesday a new cell phone service dubbed Project Fi, which offers the same basic functionality as traditional wireless carriers, such as voice, text and Internet access, at a lower price (TIME). What separates ‘Fi’ from other wireless carriers is its pay-as-you-go data plan. Any data a customer doesn’t use shows up as a credit on their next bill – each 100MB is worth $1.


This woman’s social resume is breaking necks. Nina Mufleh’s dream job is to work for Airbnb. Nina has called and emailed the company for an interview several times, but no luck. Finally, she decided to take a new approach and it seems to be working, even getting the attention of Airbnb’s CEO and CMO. Here’s the tweet and resume Nina sent.

The truth is hard to swallow for some aspiring billionaires on Quora. “Will I become a billionaire if I am determined to be one and put in all the necessary work required?” This was a question asked by a Quora forum user that got a reply from Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s ex-wife, Justine. She responded saying, “No.” Then proceeded to elaborate on a 562-word post.

Personal Development

Early to Rise founder’s advice to millennials. Mark Ford, the founder of ETR, is a self-made millionaire who knows what it takes to succeed in business. He started from the bottom, working as an editor for a newsletter, and has now built over 100 businesses. Needless to say he can teach us all a thing or ten about making money. Here’s Mark’s 10 Commandments of Doing “Good” in Business.

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