What You Need to Know Today: April 16

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You can now Google your phone. It was business as usual at Google yesterday when the search company announced that Android phone users can now Google where their phone is. If you’ve misplaced your phone Google will do what it does best and help you search for it. Type “find my phone” and Google will tell you the last place your phone has been and let you call it online.


The “rat race” is where young people should want to be. As a 24-year-old working professional I shake my head whenever I read these smug open letters to employers from my peers about how companies need to change in order to attract millennial workers. Aside from sounding condescending – further proving my generation is a bunch of whiners – these articles overlook an important truth. The “rat race” is where young people need to be, here’s why.

Old school lessons for new entrepreneurs. The best advice is usually old and sounds boring. For instance, number 7 on this list: Ask yourself, “What pain am I solving for the customer?” This gets to the heart of what you’re offering. Is yours a great business idea or just something you like? Read 12 more lessons like this.

Personal Development

Try listening to baseball on the radio. Baseball season is finally here and best selling author Cal Newport has some interesting advice he’d like to share. Cal likes to listen to games on the radio and says it relaxes him. He also believes it’s a good way to practice deep habit work.

The best and worst ways to cook veggies. A common myth people believe is raw vegetables have more nutrients than cooked. This is only partially true since there are several vegetables that release more nutrients only once they’ve been cooked. Here’s a list and how to properly cook your veggies so you get the most bang for your buck.

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