What You Need to Know Today: April 15

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Uber alternative launches today in London. Unlike Uber, Maaxi has the support of Transport for London and the city’s black cab drivers, says Business Insider. Maaxi is a carpooling app that lets users in London order a black cab ride, which is then shared with others traveling on a similar route. Funded by Nat Rothschild Maaxi is already being called ‘door-to-door public transport.’

Do millennials like newsletters – Reddit says, yes. One of the most popular news sites for millennials is Reddit.com and after successfully launching Upvoted, a podcast series exploring popular Reddit stories, the website has just announced it’s launched Upvoted Weekly “a new (opt-in) way to enjoy the best reddit content you may have missed during the week.”


Elon Musk teaches you how to think. “I do think there is a good framework for thinking. It is physics – you know the sort of first principles reasoning. … What I mean by that is boil things down to their fundamental truths and reason up from there as opposed to reasoning by analogy.” Most people reason by analogy and you have to, as Musk will explain but there are times when you need to take the physics approach to thinking and here’s why.

Storytelling, Coachella and the future of apps. The popular video-sharing app Vine allows users to cut together a short 6 second video (Vine) to be shared with friends. Over the weekend Vine experimented with a channel dedicated to the music festival Coachella where users could follow the narrative of two of the apps most popular users. Even in a digital age humans crave narrative and storytelling which is why it’s so important you learn how to tell good stories. Here’s Craig Ballantyne explaining how it’s done.

Personal Development

The truth about diet soda (not what you think). Everyone knows soda is bad for you, no surprises there. But here’s some startling evidence about why diet soda is just as bad as regular soda, Right now, the data indicate that over the long term, people who drink even one diet soda a day are at higher risk for health outcomes that they are probably drinking diet sodas to try to avoid, like type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension and stroke,” says Dr. Susan Swithers. When we consume artificial sweeteners, like stevia and sucralose, they trigger the reward centers in our brains even more than normal sugar does. In the process, it plays a trick on our bodies. Diet soda is low in calories, but when we drink it, the artificial sweeteners tell our brains we’re consuming more than we are. Thus, diet soda tells our brain we’re taking in calories when we’re not. In turn, this can lead to problems with appetite control in the long term.” (Elite Daily)

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