What You Need to Know Today: April 14

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Venmo let’s you exchange money with friends for free. “Like PayPal (which owns Venmo), the Internet and mobile device-linked service connects to your major U.S.-based bank account or debit card, so it can pull funds from and make deposits into your checking or savings accounts,” (TIME). What’s the difference between PayPal and Venmo? Venmo has no fees between friends. Click here to find out more.

Warning: typing is destroying your memory. A new study finds people who type notes in meetings and lectures remember less than those who write notes in longhand. This goes for to-do lists too. “When you’re in a situation where it’s important to form a deeper understanding of the material, such as during a conference or workshop, taking longhand notes will allow you greater processing while you’re listening…Any time you need a verbatim record, bring the laptop, suggests Mueller.” (FastCompany)


Your salaried job won’t make you a billionaire but this formula will. First, you can’t expect to become a billionaire if you hold a salaried job, even a high-paying one, says Josh Kaufman author of The First 20 Hours. If you want to become a billionaire you need to quit your job and follow what Josh calls The Billionaire Formula.

How a nursing student makes 7-figures with YouTube. Mike Linares is not a guy you’ll hear about on the news but if you’re a nursing student you might have seen one of his quirky videos online. Following Early to Rise editor Craig Ballantyne’s 100K in 12 Months Blueprint Mike made $350K in his first year (2013) selling nursing videos online. Listen to Mike’s amazing journey and how he built his business (Simple Nursing) to $1.4M last year.

Personal Development

What high-end restaurant plating looks like with fast food. Chef Jacques La Merde is the name of the anonymous Instagram account posting pictures of junk food plated to look like expensive menu items you’d find at Michelin-star restaurants. The language used in the captions represents the oft-perceived pretentiousness of chef culture and spins it around, says Thought Catalog writer Harold Holger. “STILL EARLY FOR OUR ROOFTOP GARDEN SO HAD TO FORAGE THIS HEIRLOOM ‘DOLÉ’ ARUGULA AT THE PIGGLY WIGGLY.” For actual healthy meal ideas that taste great, click here.

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