What You Need to Know Today: April 13

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This app will turn you into a pro chef. Whatever you have in your fridge or pantry, Handpick will tell you what it pairs with. No more guessing, no more excuses. This new app draws from the top foodies on instagram, food blogs and recipe sites to give you hundreds of recipes you can make with ingredients you already have.


The untold story of 2015 Masters Champion Jordan Spieth’s caddie. Finishing 18 under on Sunday at the Augusta national, 21-year-old Jordan Spieth won his first ever Green Jacket. A feat accomplished only two years after turning pro. What’s even more interesting is the story of young Speith’s caddie. Before 2006, Michael Greller (Spieth’s caddie) was teaching 6th grade math & science. In the last 30 days Greller has made $375,000. Here’s his amazing story.

What you wear to Coachella might just land you a modeling career. This weekend kicked off the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival held in Indio, California. Aside from the flower-crowns, loud music and funky smells, festival go-ers might get more than they paid for. “Coachella is known for attracting a huge audience of plugged-in, style-conscious millennials,” says David Cunningham, Vice President at IMG Models. “When over 20 IMG models are heading to the same festival, you know there’s opportunity there.” Here’s what Forbes has to say on how music festivals like Coachella can benefit both businesses and attendees.

Personal Development

How to answer the ‘World’s Hardest Interview Questions.’ “What superpower would you like to have?” Offbeat questions like this have gained a reputation since companies like Google started asking them. The answers to these questions actually offer some insight to the potential hire’s personality. “What superpower would you like to have?” How you answer this gives the hiring manager a peek into how you view your own strengths, and weaknesses. Here are 9 more hard questions interviewers like to ask and why.

Back in History Today

What do you buy the 5th most popular president in history for his birthday? Answer: Mastodon bones

Today is Thomas Jefferson’s birthday and something you probably didn’t know is he loved mastodons. According to Vox Jefferson even sent Lewis and Clark to find one. Jefferson carried out a lot of eccentric scientific experiments at his home in Monticello. But mastodons were one of his more unusual interests: he believed there were still mastodons roaming the unexplored West in North America, and he desperately wanted to find them.

Jefferson also had some interesting personal beliefs and rules he lived by. Here are Thomas Jefferson’s 11 Rules for a Great Life.

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