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Why Facebook’s 430,000 square foot open office was a mistake? Facebook has just announced its big move to an enormous green roofed open office. This move will undoubtedly spark storms of start-ups and businesses to consider reshaping their offices to fit this trend purported to foster more creative thinking. Here’s the truth about creativity and why open offices are doing the opposite of what you think.


Here’s how to look like an amateur. Lots of business coaches and gurus will tell you it’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission. This advice is only useful in the right context. When you’re soliciting your business idea, manuscript or mix-tape this is the wrong approach to take. It makes you look like a complete amateur because it shows you don’t know the business you’re in.

What Henry Ford and Mark Ford have in common. Henry Ford’s Model T was created after sending out a Model A, getting real-world feedback from mechanics then improving based on the problems found. Early to Rise founder Mark Ford has used the same Ready. Fire. Aim. approach to build several multimillion dollar businesses. Here’s an excerpt from Mark Ford aka Michael Masterson’s must-read book Ready. Fire. Aim. Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat on the right way to solicit your business idea.

Mad Men marketing vs. direct marketing. A lot of online start-ups and brands try to build their businesses around a direct marketing approach. What most fail to realize is direct marketing on the web is a self-limiting process. Most brands that matter in our culture aren’t built this way.

Personal Development

28 pieces of stolen advice you should use. 5) “If you’re going to hire an assistant, make sure they are older or more responsible than you. Too many people make the mistake of hiring someone young and cheap…which is ridiculous. Because it’s impossible for them to understand the value of time and organization and they will end up making you less productive, not more. If you’re going to have an assistant, do it right.” 27 more stolen pieces of advice.

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