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Microsoft releases iOS and Android versions of Office Lens app. A favorite for Windows phone users – Office Lens turns your iPhone (or Android device) into a handheld scanner. Perfect for capturing meeting notes, business cards and even whiteboard drawings.

How does an average guy fly around the world for free. 28-year old Scott Keyes is the man who hacks the travel industry. His upcoming trip will take him 20,000 miles, on 21 flights, all for free. In a recent interview with Business Insider Scott revealed some secrets to flying in style on the cheap.


Oldschool nonprofit learns how to story tell to younger audiences. The Nature Conservancy, a 65-year-old nonprofit, is one of the world’s most well-funded charities. But recently, the nonprofit has struggled connecting with Gen Y. Their solution is the perfect example of how oldschool companies can adapt to new technology and a great sign to young entrepreneurs on the demand teaching older businesses how to stay current is becoming.

Personal Development

2-minute rule you can use on (almost) anything. David Allen popularized the 2-minute rule in his best selling book Getting Things Done. The rule is simple: If a task crosses your desk and can be completed in 2-minutes, do it. If not, set it aside and deal with it later. This rule can be applied to almost anything, email is a great place to start. With the 15-year anniversary of David’s book approaching, Forbes magazine did an interview with Allen where he shares some more deceptively simple productivity hacks.

42 million American’s make this exercise mistake. Spring has finally sprung which means more people will lace up and go for a jog to burn off the winter weight, reports Men’s Fitness magazine. This is a big mistake and here’s why: cardio is over-rated for fat loss. There’s a much easier way to burn fat in a lot less time, read this.

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