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Social media is the new lottery. “People often say social media is a big waste of time, but perhaps they should consider the fact that an unknown Wall Street trader just made $2.4 million off a tweet.” (Elite Daily). The truth is social media is, for the most part, still a big waste of your time. Don’t let lottery-success stories like this fool you into wasting more time on Twitter and Facebook. Shed the get-rich-quick mentality and start thinking like this.


What Steve Jobs meant when he said follow your heart. In his famous commencement address to the 2005 class at Stanford University, Steve Jobs said, “…most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” This sentence has been misinterpreted for years,  leading people to believe the only way to succeed is by following your passions. Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli’s – close friends of Jobs – explain what Jobs really meant by this in their new biography Becoming Steve Jobs. Jobs was saying, “as you grow personally and professionally, stay true to who you are.” Here’s a full explanation.

The truth about content marketing. Blogs are out. Content marketing is in. But there’s something critical we should all pay attention to. That is the purpose of the content you produce and create. Serial entrepreneur Jonathan Fields makes a compelling case for why your content should move people. It’s not enough to be content with your content.

Personal Development

Mom was right all along. If your life feels out of control, the quickest way to take back control is to do your dishes (shout-out to moms). “…when you eat your cereal, wash your bowl and spoon. When you finish drinking coffee or tea, wash your cup. Don’t leave dishes in the sink or counter or table. Mindfully wash your dish, right away,” says productivity expert Leo Babauta. Here’s why this simple habit works so well.

#1 goal setting mistake and how to fix it. The biggest mistake you make when setting goals is having too many. It’s a rookie mistake but there’s an easy fix. Early to Rise editor, Craig Ballantyne uses a simple 4×3 system that eliminates this mistake and will bring you big results quick. Here’s his 4×3 system in action.

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