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Forget about the latest tech. “The most successful products — meet urgent needs and solve important problems. But what solves today’s problem won’t necessarily solve tomorrow’s,” says Mark Ford. Furthermore, Mark says “If you want to be in business 10 years from now, you can’t be complacent. You need to develop a deep understanding of the selling process.” Here are 4 questions you need to ask that will help you market better than any of the latest tech gadgets available.

Watch out Dr. Oz. the “Food Babe” has arrived. Vani Hari, also known as the Food Babe rivals Dr. Oz in her ridiculousness, says Vox. “Hari is a former management consultant turned self-styled consumer activist who uses her blog to wage war on the toxins in our foods — from supposedly “hazardous chemicals” in pumpkin spice lattes to the genetically modified ingredients in grocery aisles.” Hari’s blog gets 54 million views per year and here are just a few laugh-out-loud claims rebutted by scientists.


5 alternatives to heavily indebting yourself. If the idea of graduating from college and working in a Starbucks for the next 5 years to pay off student loans, sounds bad (which it should) – I’m here to tell you there’s alternatives. Sovereignman.com just published an article outlining five alternatives to indebting yourself in pursuit of success.

Personal Development

The struggle is real…Facebook users empathize with Beyoncé. Well folks, Humans of New York has done it again. They’ve managed to bring everyday people together in an unlikely and funny way. A recent facebook post on their page went viral after a girl, who shares the same name as Queen Bey, opened up about her struggles with sharing the same name as a famous person. The comments that followed are both hilarious and touching.

Feeding crickets to CrossFitters. What will CrossFitters not do? Nothing, apparently. But this story has little to do with CrossFit and everything to do with the emerging market that is insect-based foods. Greg and Gabi, two recent grads, have started a protein bar company that uses cricket-flour. Read their amazing story and how they raised $20,000 in 72 hours here.

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