What I Outsource and Delegate

I absolutely hate being as busy as I’ve been over the last 48 hours, but I’m under about 7 urgent deadlines and have a cross-country flight to catch this morning.

There’s no way I could cope if I didn’t outsource/delegate about 2-3 dozen tasks in my business.

But all this talk of outsourcing and delegation…it’s all easier said than done for some folks.

Outsourcing, in reality, is a real trouble spot for most, especially for beginners…and control freaks. You know who you are – and it’s time to get over it.

You see, outsourcing/delegating should be really easy.

It’s relatively easy for me, because I’m really, really lazy. Heck, I’ve been working all of my life so that I never have to do grocery shopping or errands ever again.

I also never plan on going to the UPS store, answering questions on how to download zip files, or sending out lost passwords.

Remember – you can’t make $100K per year doing $10/hr tasks.

So do the 5%-95% exercise, and then build your life around working on the 5%.

You think Trump buys his own groceries?

I bet he doesn’t even have an email account.

Heck, I bet he has someone take his hair in for a haircut…or grooming…or whatever they
do to it.

So let’s look at outsourcing.

Remember what I said on Tuesday:

A) Start documenting all tasks
B) Create camtasia/jing/screenflow instructional videos for all tasks
C) Create an “operations manual” for your business

Then look “within your world” for fantastic people who just want a few hours of work per day and will do these jobs for about $10 an hour.

From trustworthy high-school kids to stay at home moms to good folks that are just “between real jobs”, there are plenty of people out there willing to work for you on your 95%.

Go to Craigslist. It’s amazing the resumes I’ve received from job postings I’ve put on that site (folks with 20+ years of video editing willing to work for $10 per hour).

Finally, I just want to share a partial list of what I delegate in my business.

Here’s a list of what I outsource to my team (this is simply the Table of Contents from our Operations Manual):

1) Checking TT Email Account Procedures
2) Checking Helpdesk E-mail Account Procedures (we use Kayako)
3) Membership Cancellation & Product Refund Procedures
4) Clickbank Weekly Numbers Spreadsheet Procedures
5) You Tube Video Editing Procedures
6) Customizing YouTube Videos Procedures
7) Blog Posting Procedures
8] EzineArticles.com Submission Procedures
9) Facebook Fan Page Photo Update Procedures
10) Editing TT Manuals Procedures
11) Monthly Workout Sales Copy Procedures

This doesn’t include groceries, errands, and advanced video editing procedures, but this list takes a lot off of my plate, so I can focus on the BIG ideas and projects that move Team Turbulence ahead in the game.

Please notice that I trust my staff with my life

I’ve hired WONDERFUL people who are capable of doing most things better than me.

Please do NOT be jaded that you won’t be able to find good people out there.

As my friend Matt always says, “You’re so ‘up with people'”.

And I am.

I truly believe there are plenty of amazing people out there willing to get behind your mission and help you.

Now get out there and find them.


Craig Ballantyne
Daily updates on FB => http://www.InternetIndependenceUpdates.com

“If you want to get rich, then learn to delegate. Don’t pretend to delegate. Delegation is not only a powerful tool. It is the ONLY way to maximize and truly incentive your most precious asset – the people who work for you.

Real delegation can help make you rich. But only if you work at it.” – Felix Dennis, author of “How to Get Rich”