What Everyone Who Takes a Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Should Know

Recently, I’ve been addressing the issue of statin drugs in ETR. If you take these drugs or know someone who does, it’s important to understand the risks. And I hope I’ve convinced you that you can’t count on the drug companies or most doctors to reveal them.

Here’s just one example …

By blocking the production of cholesterol in the liver, statins also block the production of Coenzyme-Q10. A Columbia University study found that CoQ10 levels were reduced by half after only 30 days of statin treatments. People who take statins need to know this, because CoQ10 is vital for producing muscular energy. And a lack of this nutrient can cause the heart (which is a muscle) to function improperly, resulting in heart failure.

This is not news. Researchers established the relationship between CoQ10 and heart health years ago. It is also well known that statins are responsible for depleting the body of CoQ10. Yet, very few doctors who prescribe these drugs make this known to their patients.

So, after reading what I’ve been writing, if you still believe you should be taking a statin drug … now you know that it is imperative for you to also supplement with CoQ10.

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